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234 Goblin Extermination Mission!

"Alright, congratulations on becoming adventurers. Even though you probably beat like, the most idiotic B-ranked adventurer ever." Illya said as she handed them their dog tags.

"Thank you (nya)," The four of them said as they received their dog tags.

"I made sure you're at the same rank as them, aka, the D-rank. Just so you guys won't make wolves and boars extinct. As their fur and pelt are really useful." Illya added.

"Thank you (nya)~," They said once more as they were happy they didn't have to take on easy requests to increase their rank.

"Alright, let's go!" They said as they went to the bulletin board where all the jobs were posted on.

"How about exterminating goblins in this cave?" Sam pointed out a mission.

"That looks nice, ohh! The reward is five gold coins too!" Chad said as his eyes shined when he saw the amount.

"Let's take it then. I don't really need the money so you guys can split it." Lance and Elise said as they were already financially well off.

"I don't need it either," Sam and Maria added, as both of them were already rich from the stuff their family did.

"There are only three of us though? Where will two extra gold coins go?" Benji asked.

"Just give two to one of you, and the other will get the bonus next mission we take," Maria suggested the idea to them.

"That will work," Lance said as he agreed with Maria's plan.

"Alright, let's go. Let's not dilly dally so we can take more than one mission today." Elise said.

After the group decided on which mission to take, they all went back to the counter where Illya was waiting for them at.

"Have you all decided on which mission you'd like to take?" Illya asked them with a smile on her face.

"Yes, can we take this mission?" Maria said as she placed down the Goblin Extermination mission on the counter.

"Ohh, a nice and semi-difficult one for even C-ranked adventurers. But you're a group that has power rivaling of a B-ranked. I wonder how far you can get~ Just run if you think it is a dungeon though! The guild needs to know if its a dungeon ASAP." Illya warned them.

"Yes, ma'am." The group said as they watched Illya scan their dog tags before giving it back to them.

"We'll be off now Illya!" The group said as they left the Adventurers Guild and headed off to the forest to find the cave somewhere.

"Bye-bye, make sure you are safe!" Illya said as she watched them go.

"Where are the nearest caves on the map?" Chad asked Maria.

"Well, it's usually near the edges of the forest. So I guess, we need to keep walking to our right until we hit a wall I guess? Then we walk forward until we find a cave." Maria said.

"That sounds like a really dumb idea, but that works. Let's do it!" The group said as they followed Maria's instructions.


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