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Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
Author :Plutia_Sagiri
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216 The Wai

"..." There was a silence as a woman sat on her couch and continued to look at her front door.

"Laura! It's already night! Why would she come home at night!? Let's just sleep already!" Claude shouted from his small office.

"Just a few more minutes! She'll be home in no time! I am sure of it!" Laura said as she continued to give herself false hopes that Sylvie would come home.

"The two other brats haven't even come home yet! Why would she be home! She's probably out with her friends or something!" Claude shouted once more as he loudly closed the book he was reading.

"Those two brats are your problem! Sylvie is my precious daughter! You already know how delicate she was when I brought her to the king's castle that day! That bastard of a guy almost killed my daughter! He dared to use my daughter as a hostage!" Laura shouted back at him as she started reminiscing of the past.

"She's already grown up! Besides, didn't we teach her about magic and weapons when she was four years old!? We taught her for nearly two years!" Claude shouted back at her.

"It was only two years! She's been in school for a year! Her birthday is in spring, which passed! She is now seven years old! Can my precious, delicate, and cute little daughter even face off against those dirty and disgusting dogs?!" Laura cried out.

"Laura! You seem to forget who we are! And if you were so scared of that happening, why didn't you give her a charm to ward off all boys!" Claude asked her.

"What if the charm wards off her boyfriend!" Laura said.

"She isn't even 12 yet! She's not an adult yet! Besides, she doesn't need to find love that quickly! She can even find a lover at 30 years old, and I'd still take her in!" Claude said.

"I would too! But, if she has babies quicker, more grandchildren for us!" Laura pouted.

"She's young… You should know how much pain she would have to go through giving birth… Since you yourself have experienced it three times already…" Claude said.

"Shush shush, I know I know, we can give her some time. I just hope, it doesn't take her to her death before she does." Laura said.

"Alright, let's go to sleep. It's been a few minutes, don't give yourself any false hopes. She might surprise us and come the next morning. Who knows," Claude said as the door to his office could be heard opening before he left it.

"Alright then…" Laura said as she went into bed with Claude and slept. She dreamed a dream, where Sylvie didn't come back but was surrounded by four guys…

"Ha!" She woke up in fright.

"What is it?" Claude said as he got started awake.

"N-nothing. It was just a mere nightmare." Laura said.

'Sylvie, please don't tell me you are with those four men… Please only have one…' She thought to herself before she went to sleep again.


Author : AHHHH I was so close

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