Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
215 Back To Girl“s Dormitory
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Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
Author :Plutia_Sagiri
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215 Back To Girl“s Dormitory

"Little Sylvie! Come and sleep with us tonight!" A group of girls said when they saw Sylvie and the three others walk back into the dormitory.

"Maal! Come here, let me pet you!" Another group of girls said when they saw her.

"Maria, can you come and do our hair for us? They are taking us out on a date today at night! We need to be prepared!" Another batch of girls asked when they saw Maria enter.

"Elise, let's go watch the flowers bloom! According to our earth magic, the recently bought and planted flowers will start blooming today!" Another batch of girls said as they immediately pulled on Elise's hand.

"Can you three put my summer clothing into our room for me?" Elise said as she looked back at the three of them.

"Yes yes…" The three said as they brought their own recently bought clothing to their dorm room before going to each batch of girls that had called on them earlier.

"Sylvie come on, what are you doing in those clothes. You obviously can't be sleeping in that right?" The girls asked Sylvie.

"You ask me this every time…" Sylvie said.

"And you know what we'll do every time." The girls replied back.

"Please spare me." Sylvie said weakly.

"Nope," The girls said as they immediately stripped Sylvie of her clothes and magically pulled out a nightgown for Sylvie.

"Just where did you even get this?" Sylvie said as she sighed not even being surprised.

"Recently bought, we had it customized. So it is just for you, aren't you just so adorable? Since it isn't exactly sleeping time, how about we have some fun hmm?" The girls said as their eyes were glittering.

"H-having fun? W-what do you mean by that?" Sylvie said in a scared tone as she immediately started backing up when she saw the glitters in their eyes.

"Cat ears! Cat paws!" The girls said as they put it on, Sylvie.

"And last but least, cattail!" The girls said as they 'attempted' to put it on Sylvie.

"Kya! Where do you think you're touching!" Sylvie shrieked as she immediately vanished from the spot and reappeared on the bed.

"Boo! You never let us put it on!" The girls said in sadness and grief.

"Who would let you put that on! J-just get that away from me!" Sylvie said.

"Tch, we'll get it on eventually. One day Sylvie, one day. Mark my words." The girls said as they started to plot out their evil *cough* good plans for society and mankind.

"What are you four thinking about right now!?" Sylvie shuddered as she asked them when she saw their evil grin.

"Ah? Nothing nothing, let's lay in bed now shall we?" A girl said.

"Indeed, let's all have an early sleep. Better for the skin," Another girl said.

"Fine…" Sylvie said as she took off her cat paws and cat ears, as they would be really uncomfortable for her to sleep with.

"Again? Taking it off? Just sleep with them, it makes you cuter." The girls said.

"I can't sleep with them on, it's uncomfortable. Restrains my movements a bit, as for the cat ears, I can't lay with it on my head." Sylvie explained for the nth time in her life.

"Whatever, let's sleep." The girls said as they turned off the light in their room and turned on the night lights.

All five girls laid on the same bed, as they had a gigantic bed, instead of separate beds or bunk beds. It was a horrendous night for Sylvie, who didn't really like the heat, and also did not like people restricting her movement when she slept curled up.


Author : *hic* Cousins left for texas, we parted with watching stranger things.

Also happy birthday to my cousin named Amie! And my birthday is coming up on August 1st!


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