Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
213 Sam The Not So Great But Rich
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Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
Author :Plutia_Sagiri
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213 Sam The Not So Great But Rich

"Brr..." Sylvie shivered as she immediately randomly had goosebumps.

"What's wrong Sylvie?" Maria asked her when she saw Sylvie acting oddly.

"N-nothing... Nothing at all, I guess it's just a bit chilly in here hahaha..." Sylvie replied as she tried to laugh it off.

"How? It's literally summer... Don't you use ice magic? How would you be getting the chills? Unless someone is talking badly about you behind your back." Chad said as he went up to the clerk and placed his basket of potions onto the counter.

"Alrighty, that will be three platinum coins and two gold coins please." The clerk said as she calculated the prices from all the potions combined.

"That much! Guys, I think we should remove some potions yeah?" Chad exclaimed when he heard the amount and couldn't help but try to change the groups opinion.

"It's alright, we are about to get our bank right here. In three, two, one." Maria said as she started the countdown.

Ring Ring

"Are we late?" Sam said as he entered the Alchemist Store.

"Don't think we are... Look they are in front of us, why are they looking at us like that?" Benji said as he entered the store.

"Welcome, the potions are on the left and the alchemy items are on the right." The clerk said when she saw the two enter.

"Thank you." Benji said when the clerk told him where which was which.

"Wait for us a bit." Sam said as they went to the potion section to pick their own potions.

After waiting a few minutes did the two finally come back. Benji selected potions from the middle section, meanwhile Sam selected potions from the end.

"Please add the price to theirs too." Sam said as he placed his basket on the counter along with Benji.

"Alright, the total will be two rainbow coins, 7 platinum coins, and 5 gold coins." The clerk said as she calculated the prices.

"R-rainbow coins! (Nya) I've never seen that before! Can we even afford those (nya)!" Benji, Chad, and Maal said when they heard the price.

"No worries," Sam said as he pulled out a card.

"Here you go." Sam said as he presented the clerk the card. She swiftly took it before pulling out a magic orb. She then gently tapped the top of the magic orb with the card before tapping on it.

Shortly after doing that, the magical orb flashed in green before she gave Sam back his card.

"The amount has been deducted from your account. Thank you for your purchases, please come again." The clerk said.

"You welcome! We will come again." Sam said as he left the store.

"What! He could actually afford all of that and still keep a smile on his face!?" Chad and Benji shouted.

Mask just immediately got used to it, as when she went shopping with the girls, she saw how much money they had.

"What? Not going to the blacksmith to check out our items?" Sam said as he looked behind him.

"Ah! We are going!" Benji and Chad shouted as they ran a bit to catch up to the group.


Author : typed this on phone at aunts new house rn. The bed was hard as wood, it hurt. I typed all of this sitting on the floor while eating food.

My phone died and I nearly missed publish time, my little brothers wouldn't even let me borrow their iPads to publish. Like wtf? I had to ask for a charger from somebody.


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