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211 Choosing Potions

"Sylvie, why are you going all the way to the end of the store?" Chad asked her.

"To check out the potions, why else? They said the best potions are at the end, I am going there to check their quality." Sylvie said as she continued to use appraisal on every single potion that was within her vision.

'These potions are merely so-so… The one mother makes is way better. Is she a grandmaster alchemist? Just like how that dwarf is a grandmaster forger?' Sylvie thought to herself as she frowned in disappointment when she looked at the effects of the potions.

"What's wrong Sylvie? They aren't to your liking?" Maria asked her.

"My mother makes better potions but, these aren't too bad. You won't find any better potions in any other random store, probably a master level alchemist made these potions. Meanwhile, the cheap ones are made by advanced alchemists." Sylvie said.

"Oh, can your mother make us some potions?" Maria asked.

"... Probably? But, let's not take the risk, doubt she could make them all within a few days. Let's just buy them, but I would recommend the ones in the middle section. They aren't too expensive, and are almost what you need." Sylvie said as she recommended them some potions on the shelves.

"Oh, then we shouldn't take the risk. Who knows what unexpected troubles could occur." Maria said as she started looking at the tags of the potions.

"Since I am going to be healing people, I need these MP potions. How about you all?" Maria asked as she took a basket full of MP potions.

"I need some HP and Strength potions," Lance said as he took a swipe and took two basket fulls.

"I only need MP and Speed potions," Elise said as she swiped and took two basket fulls as well.

"Oi… Are you three okay? Did you not read the prices of those?" Chad asked when he saw the three of them carrying baskets of potions.

"No worries no worries, we have a very rich person who will come in just a tad bit," Maria said.

"I-Is that so? Is it okay to use him like that though?" Chad asked them.

"Yes, it is okay." They all said as one thought emerged in their head, it was Sam.

"Alright then, whatever you say…" Chad said as he only grabbed four potions. Two of which were strength potions, while the other two were speed potions.

"You aren't grabbing any HP potions?" Maria asked Chad.

"Nah, If I get hit once, I am basically screwed anyway," Chad said.

"I see, you should train with Elise then. She is really quick." Maria recommended.

"Really??" Chad said as he looked at Elise. She gave him a nod of confirmation back.

"Nyan," Maal said as she grabbed the same potions Chad did.

"Are you sure Maal?" Sylvie asked.

"Yes, I am sure nya. I rely on my speed a lot nya," Maal said.

"Oh! I see." Sylvie said.

"Sylvie, you aren't getting anything?" Chad asked her.

"Nah~ If I participate, it would be unfair wouldn't it?" Sylvie said as she scratched her cheeks.

"Would it? I mean, as long as they have fire magic. Can't they counter your ice magic?" Chad asked.

'What great thinking, too bad it doesn't apply on Sylvie.' The group thought.


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