Once the dwarf and the two boys went to get their measurements were gone. The group decided to instantly draw and write out what kind of equipment they wanted before ditching the blacksmith.

"Hmm? What else do we need for the tournament?" Maria asked.

"It's clear you're not going to participate as you volunteered to help heal the injured students…" Lance said.

"I know, but I was talking for you all. You all would need some more stuff, wouldn't you? Like potions or something." Maria said.

"Oh indeed, potions are a necessity. Do you all know someone who creates potions?" Chad said.

"..." There was no answer to that. Chad decided to look backward to see why they were silent.

"What is it?" Chad asked them.

The entire group was staring at a store to their right. When Chad asked them that question, they immediately pointed at it.

"What?" Chad asked as he looked at where they were pointing.

"Alchemy Store, the signboard says… Best potions for a very expensive price…" Chad read out loud.

"Expensive price, I don't have the money for that…" Chad said.

"We all do though. Excluding Maal." Elise said.

"No worries! I'll cover for Maal!" Sylvie said enthusiastically.

"Thank you Sylvie nya," Maal said as she gave Sylvie some head pats.

"Waa~" Sylvie leaked out a sound as she thoroughly enjoyed the head pats without overreacting this time unlike almost a year ago.

"Wow, you actually are not fainting anymore. I remember you were out cold for almost an entire day." Elise said as she stared at Sylvie.

"Hehe! If I was always out cold, how would I enjoy this nice head pats!" Sylvie exclaimed as if she was a cat and kept pushing her head against Maal's hand.

"What are you all doing, let's enter. So then we can practice afterward, Sylvie has it easy… Defeating her would be a crime unless they are all brawn no brain." Lance said.

"Alright then," The five of them said as they entered the store.

"Welcome, the potions are here on the left, the utensils for practicing alchemy is on the right. Prices are from lowest to highest following how far you are into the shop. The cheapest options are closest, while the most expensive is the farthest." The clerk said as she directed them with her hands.

"Alright! Thank you!" Sylvie said as she began walking towards the potion side followed up with everybody else.

"No worries, take your time. There are many options there, don't be too rushed in your decision." The clerk said as she gave Sylvie a smile.

Somewhere in a room in the blacksmith. Three males were having something… Really unusual one would say if someone were to walk in on them right now, who knows what rumors would spread.

"Stop moving! How do I measure you if you keep moving like that!" The dwarf shouted at Sam.

"I am not moving intentionally! It's just the measuring tape is so cold! Why don't you have it at room temperature! My body is just reacting to how cold it is!" Sam said.

"I, uh… I'll just go back to the group… Have fun you two." Benji said as he left.


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