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"Please forgive me… I didn't mean it, honestly…" Maria said as she tried to calm down the dwarf who was currently ignoring the entire group.

"Hmph! Don't even think about it, there's no way I am going to forgive you. Go out, shoo, the door is that way, go find another forger to do your stuff. Never come to my smith ever again." The dwarf said as he pointed towards the door not even sparing Maria a single glance.

"Come on please! Don't do this! It was just an accident! Aren't you currently fine right now anyway!?" Maria cried out as she continued to plead.

"Hmph!? What do you mean I am fine!? Would you be fine if you came in contact with anything that had just come out from the smithery that hasn't finished cooling down yet? Would you little girl!? HMM!?" The dwarf asked her in a very aggressive way.

"No…" Maria said meekly.

"Just do it, stop being so annoying," Lance said as he kicked the dwarf in the back.

"Tch, kids nowadays, not even respecting their elders! Who raised you! This old man is also a grandmaster forger! Where is my respect!" The dwarf cried out.

"Tsk tsk tsk, will you do it the easy way, or the hard way now?" Lance said as he put his katana below the dwarf's neck.

"Fine fine! I will do it! Put it away alright! This old man may be old, but he can still fight! Just not against someone monstrous like you! Can your normal friends even use the equipment I forge? I think you should get them to somebody else just in case they can't handle the power." The dwarf said as he had goosebumps covering his skin due to the katana.

"Yay!" The entire group said unenthusiastically as they just followed Lance. They actually had no idea Lance would lead them to a grandmaster forger, they just wanted to repair their gear.

"Hmph! So tell me what you all want! I'll do measurements later!" The dwarf said as he even emphasized the word measurements by looking at the girls.

"I have my measurement already, here are the numbers," Sylvie said as she came prepared just in case she would meet a pervert.

"Tch, how would I know if they are correct little girl. I wouldn't want a cute little girl like you getting damaged now would I? Let me remeasure for you." The dwarf said.

"... You know, I don't really need any equipment right? I am a magician anyway…" Sylvie said as she looked at the dwarf.

"Fine! Give me the numbers, any more of you got numbers?" The dwarf said.

"Here." All the girls said plus one Chad.

"How about you two?" The dwarf said as he looked at Benji and Sam.

"I keep changing, so I never have a correct measurement," Sam said.

"I could tell." The dwarf said as he looked at Sam's stomach.

"How about you?" He asked Benji.

"I have never gotten my stuff measured before, never really had the time. I just picked whatever was on the shop that fitted me." Benji said.

"Whatever, you two follow me." The dwarf said as he was little but excited to measure the boys. He just wanted to touch the soft skins of the girls! Why must they all have measurements!? Who brings their measurements with them everywhere anyway!?


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