"Halt," The security people said as they saw seven kids without an adult walk up to them without waiting in line.

"The end of the line is over there. You need to wait over there to queue up in line." A security person said as he pointed towards the endless line that would probably take a decade before one was in.

Since they were kids, he didn't take it to a fault in any way. He just thought they were lost, so he merely told them where to go. He was already sweating from all the glares he was receiving from people waiting in line.

"Wait a minute," Maria said as she was digging through her purse for something. After a couple of seconds after digging into her purse did she find what she was looking for.

"Here you go." She said as she presented a card made from plastic to the security.

"What is this flimsy card going to do? Are you trying to bribe me or something? You aren't getting in because of this." The security man said as he didn't even bother checking the card. He was already sweating so much from the glares behind him that he just wanted them to hurry up and go away.

"Hurry up and shoo." He said as he gave Maria her plastic card back.

"Wait!" An older security man said as he left the small building as he ran up to Maria.

"Can you show me that card in your hand miss?" He asked Maria.

"Yeah," Maria said as she handed him the plastic card.

"V-VIP? You're a VIP?" The old man said as he scanned the card with his eyes. There was even an emblem on the card.

"Yes, I am. Now may I and my friends go in? These two also have VIP cards too." Maria said as she pointed towards Sylvie and Lance.

"Yes yes, please go in. The seven of you right?" The old man said as he returned Maria's card back to her.

"Bye-bye," Sylvie said as she waved him goodbye before entering the Amusement Park with everyone else.

"What those kids were VIPS?" The security man that had refused the seven of them earlier said.

"Do your job correctly next time. Otherwise, you're fired, we have many that want to replace you right now. It doesn't matter what age they are, a VIP is a VIP in any place." The old man warned him before he left and entered the small building again.

"Yes…" The security man said as he felt like he was going to cry.

'Who knew kids would be in possession of a VIP Card ah?! How would I know!? I was being pressured alright!? Don't you see all these people glaring at me ah?!' The thought internally as he returned to doing his job normally.

"Ha…" Sam sighed as he walked to the front of the line with his VIP card in hand.

Of course, he got the same treatment as the others did. Excluding a certain Sylvie who just broke the rules of being too cute.

This time the security man did his job as he reluctantly took the VIP card out of the fat kid's greasy hand. He looked at it carefully before handing it to Sam and letting him enter.


Author : 6 minutes before due time >:D