"Hello, girls." Chad greeted them respectfully.

"Hello," The girls greeted him back as they sat down on an empty seat that was closest to them.

"Hello Maria, Elise, Sylvie, and may I know your name?" Lance looked at the girls as his eye stopped on an unfamiliar person that had cat ears on her head.

"Hello, my name is Maal nya." Maal introduced herself as she looked at Lance.

"Nice to meet you than Maal, though I would have to say you have it rough because of Sylvie. Anyway, my name is Lance. His name is Sam." Lance said as he pointed at himself and then pointed at Sam who was still stuffing his face with food.

"Nice to meet you too Lance and Sam nya," Maal said as she looked at Lance and then towards Sam who only nodded at her as he continued to eat.

"Don't mind him, he's just a glutton. Food comes before anything else in front of his eyes. Well, aside from money and treasures." Lance said as he looked at Sam.

"It's alright nya, I am used to it nya," Maal said as both her parents were workaholics, so during dinner or breakfast, they would usually eat silently at the table and only nodding at her before they left for work again.

Many races were still discriminated against as humans always had a sense of superiority. Thus, many other races had a hard time finding a job. Even if they did, it would usually result in low pay.

Since Maal was not an only child, her parents had to work a lot just to pay for food, shelter, and clothing for all their children. Maal has two older brothers who are years older than her. Due to being unable to find a job with decent pay, they have resorted to adventuring and only come home nearly twice a year.

Due to a beastkin's power, which is that above a normal human being. They were able to attain a fairly high ranking, as well as being able to complete missions that were high pay. Sometimes sending the money back to Maal's parents so they could afford shelter.

Due to this, Maal's parents were able to afford to send Maal to the academy. They take normal work schedules now as they get more sleep.

"My name is Chad, this is my buddy, Benji. Nice to meet you, girls." Chad said as he wasn't quite used to who was who yet.

"Hello there." Benji greeted them as he kept himself reserved.

"Nice to meet you too Chad and Benji," Maria said as she was the most energetic one.

Elise merely nodded for a greet. Maal greeted them as she did for the others. Sylvie didn't even bother to look at them as she looked outside the windows to see if anything exciting was going on. However, she was left bored, as there was nothing exciting happening.

"What do you all say about going somewhere after this?" Maria said as she didn't want an awkward silence due to the reserved people, and the weirdos.

"Sure," Chad agreed as he also didn't like the awkward silence. He was a normal person just like Maria.


Author : x_x so sleepy I had to stop by the gas station just to buy monster energy to not sleep. Now my heart hurts from drinking an enter can in under an hour. You all make me in pain.