"Munch munch, chew chew." Sam was diligently working… Working on the plates of food in front of his face that was enough to feed three whole families.

"How do you eat so much…" Chad asked as he watched Sam devour all the food like he was a monster.

"It just tastes good. It makes me, even more, hungrier, as I get to taste more good food if I continue to eat it." Sam took a bite out of a chicken wing as he replied.

"Ugh whatever," Chad said as he went back to eating his food which consisted of some rice, some meat, and some soup.

"When do you think the girls will get here?" Benji asked as he was eating a bit above the amount Chad had.

"Sometime soon, they don't come late. But, they always wait for the last second." Lance said as he twirled the fork on his hand.


"Look, here they come. What a surprise, exactly on time." Lance said as he looked over at the door to the floor which had opened.

"Awawa, let me down Lily." A little girl's voice was heard from behind the door.

"No can do, I shall bring you all the way to your meeting." Lily's voice could be heard responding to the little girl from behind the door.

"Why are you two waiting in front of the door? Shouldn't we go in?" Another girl's voice was heard from behind the door as she asked the two.

"Yeah, let's go in." Another girl's voice was heard.

"Nyaa!" A 'Yeah' was heard from a catgirl.

The boys stopped eating as they looked at the door waiting for the girls to enter. Excluding Sam of course, who was eating still. However, he still had his eye out for the door.

"Let me down Lily!" The little girl's voice once more was heard.

"No." Lily replied bluntly this time.

"Ha~ You two… I'll just go in first then." The girl said as she walked into the room. What the boys saw was a beautiful girl in a yellow dress who looked like the sun.

Followed up by that was another girl who was wearing a green dress who had a cold expression in her eyes that gave many people chills when they looked at her.

This time a innocent and pure looking catgirl entered wearing a light blue dress as she looked around the room and at the boys that were already in the room.

Finally, Lily carrying a little girl who doesn't even look the age to enter the academy finally entered. The little girl had a white dress on as she tried hiding her face by burying it into Lily's chest.

"And here you go." Lily said as she looked at Sam before placing Sylvie down.

"What would you girls like to eat?" Lily asked.

"The same old." Maria, Elise, and Sylvie said.

"What's good nya?" Maal asked.

"The menu is here, just come call me when you're ready," Lily said as she handed the menu to Maal.

"Alright nya." Maal said as she thanked her before going to her seat.


Author : I typed this last minute whew! Just on time.