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189 New Roommate!

"Anyway, make sure you don't cause too much of a ruckus alright? The other girls are, fairly awkward I must say. They are a bit too much like nobles. There are no normal people here." The landlady said as she helped untie Sylvie before she left.

"No normal people here? Of course, which person isn't normal here? Just what kind of normal people could even past the requirements to live at this dorm?" Maria muttered as she watched the landlady leave to go somewhere.

"Ha~ Whatever let's go meet back to our dormitory. We still have until noon before we go meet up with the boys." Sylvie said as she waited for one of them to lead her towards their room.

"Let's go then," Elise said as she leads Sylvie up the stairs.

"Why is it so far? How many turns have we taken already?" Sylvie started to complain.

"Almost there Sylvie, just be patient and endure," Elise said as she took one more turn before walking down the hallway.

"This here is our dorm room Sylvie." Elise said as she opened the door.

"Ooh!" Sylvie got hyped just thinking about what it would be like inside.

However, things took an unexpected turn.

"Nya?" A sound could be heard from inside.

"Who?" Sylvie asked as she just stood in front of the dorm room frozen.

"A cat?!" Maria and Sylvie both exclaimed at once as they looked at who was in their room.

"Hello nya." The catgirl waved her two hands at them. Too bad the hands weren't cat hands, she only had cat ears and a cattail.

"Who are you? Why are you in our room?" Maria asked the catgirl already wary of her, as she was still paranoid of what happened yesterday night.

"I am your roommate nya. My name is Maal nya." The catgirl with black cat ears and cat tail said. She had light brown eyes and white skin as she looked at them curiously.

"..." The three were left stunned, as both sides just eyed each other curiously. However, eventually, the stalemate broke as one individual broke the silence.

"MOFU MOFUU!" Sylvie said as she dived in to hug Maal.

"Nya!?" Maal cried out in fright. She tried moving back a bit in shock, however, she ended up falling right onto the bed.

"FLOOF FLOOF!" Sylvie said out loud as she rubbed cheeks with Maal while stroking her ears lightly.

"Awawawawawa" Maal cried out confusedly as she had no idea what was happening to her, nor who this girl in front of her was.

"Ah! Sylvie stop that!" Maria and Elise finally stopped staring in shock as they had realized what Sylvie had done.

"Get off her Sylvie." Both of them pulled her off of Maal.

"Boo! Let me floof floof! I haven't floof floof in so long! I want to floof Ria!" Sylvie cried as she struggled to get out of Maria's and Elise's grasps.

"Nyani kore… What just happened nya…" Maal asked as she was dizzy from the sudden assault.