"U-ugh… W-what happened…" Maria groaned as she woke up with a sore body.

"Good morning Maria." Elise's voice came from beside her.

"Good morning Elise. What happened to me last night? All I remember was someone barging into our room and then I was unconscious." Maria said.

"Same thing here. They must've wiped out our memories or something… All I heard was they were a trained assassin. Probably a test by the landlady or something." Elise said.

"Yeah… Ugh, my back hurts so much." Maria said as she struggled to sit up.

"Just lay in bed for now. I guess all we can really do now is wait for results." Elise said.

"Yeah, I guess so… Wait, what about Sylvie?" Maria asked Elise.

"... I have no idea… I guess we wait too?" Elise replied.

"Yeah…" Maria said as she proceeded to fall asleep again. However, she was unable to due to a single thing.

"Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!" A loud scream woke her up before she was even able to sleep. Of course, this was due to the voice being familiar to her.

"What was that!" Maria said as her eyes flew open.

"Sylvie. Should we go check it out?" Elise asked her.

"Nah. I am going back to sleep. If Sylvie is struggling, wish us good luck on dealing with that." Maria said as she hid under the covers of her blanket.

"Yep," Elise said as she proceeded to hide as well pretending it was none of her problems.

"Zzz." Sylvie was sleeping soundlessly and softly. As she moved her head a bit to find a better position, she was met with two soft things.

"Umu?" Sylvie raised a voice as she moved her two hands to feel what they were.

"Ahem." A voice came from where her hands were near.

"Ah?" Sylvie opened her eyes to see what that voice was. What she saw was a beautiful woman that looked to be in her thirties.

"Good morning little girl. How are you?" The beautiful woman said as she flashed a grin at Sylvie as she looked at where Sylvie's hands were placed.

Noticing what the beautiful woman was looking at, she shifted her eyes towards what her hands were feeling. Blood started to drain out of her face as she realized what she had just done.

"Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!" She gave a loud scream as she immediately dashed towards the door.

"Not so fast little girl." The beautiful woman said as she just sat there doing nothing.

However, Sylvie didn't know this, nor did she bother looking back. As all she wanted to do was to find Elise and Maria right now to escape this place.

However, she was denied. As the beautiful woman had already set up traps near the door to prevent Sylvie from leaving. Of course, these were the traps Maria and Elise had set up for her. Who knew they would be used on their own ally.

"Ahhh! Let me go!" Sylvie cried as she was tied up and could not move.

"Nope, is that how you talk to an elder?" The beautiful woman asked her.

"Who are you!" Sylvie cried out as she tried to resist the woman's hands.

"I'm the landlady." The beautiful woman said as she patted Sylvie.

"Huh?" Sylvie was frozen in shock as she just looked at the beautiful woman without moving.

"Welcome to my dormitory." The landlady said.

"Haaaa!?" Sylvie gave out a cry that probably stirred up the entire girl's dormitory.


Author : So sorry, I was forced to go to china town with family. It was an hour trip there and back. I get car sick so, I nearly died.