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185 Firework Show 4


"What was that! Everyone look up there!" People started pointing in the air above Flower Hill.

It was finally night, the time for the Firework Show to start. People from all across the world have surrounded the Flower Hill as they all stared above it, waiting to see what would happen next.



"Another one! What was that! I saw a pink flower this time!" Someone exclaimed as they looked at the remains of the firework before it dissipated.



"Another one! That was the sun wasn't it!" More people started to exclaim as they looked at the magical thing that had happened in front of them.

All of a sudden, there was a silence as no more started fireworks were launched.

"Is that it? Is that all we're going to get? Did I really waste all of my money just for this?" People started to complain as there was a five-minute silence with nothing happening.

"What do you guys think is going to happen next?" People started to anticipate for what would happen next.

"They are probably preparing for a really big one if it's taking this long." Another guessed.

However, after they guessed that. Did a miracle finally appear in front of their eyes. This scene was etched into everyone's memories for the rest of their lives.



More than hundreds of fireworks started launching one after another, as the sky was barraged with lights that covered almost the entire area.

It was such a beautiful sight that people couldn't help but look at it in a daze, not willing to blink in case they were to miss something. The children stopped crying as they all faced towards the light.

Even those depressed people and the homeless were forced to look at the sky, as they could not resist their temptation. And they were all mesmerized, maybe changing their future, as this was a sign of hope for them.

Old people on their deathbed couldn't help but remember this scene, as this was the most beautiful thing they have ever seen in their entire lives. It was a memory for them, to be remembered forever.

"Ilya, will you marry me?" Someone couldn't resist but ask Ilya out when he saw the fireworks.

There was a silence as everyone turned to look at the one who had proposed to Ilya, they were also afraid that she would say yes on this rare beautiful occasion.

Ilya who heard this immediately turned over to the person. She recognized him as a average adventurer who was only at the C rank. She gave him a smile before she said a few words that made everyone laugh.

"No thanks, I am already in love with these fireworks. I think I may ask them out for marriage." Ilya replied to him with a grin.

"A-ah…" The man couldn't help but be dejected as he was flat out refused by the beauty Ilya.

"PFFT! BAHAHAHAHA!" Everyone couldn't laugh as they also agreed on how beautiful the fireworks were.

These fireworks caused many comedic things to happen, as well as much heartfelt warmth. Something that will never be forgotten.

"Ha~ It reminds me of the past. When I went with Kenza to see these. It's been so long, I kinda miss it." Sylvie muttered to herself as she watched the fireworks from ontop of the roof with her family and her friends.

"Sylvie come here! This is some really good food!" Sam called for her as he started to eat steak kebabs.

"Haha, alright." Sylvie said as she walked over to them. Before she did, she looked at the fireworks once more.

'Happy Fourth o' July, and I'll miss you Kenza.' Sylvie thought to herself before she erased the thoughts and started eating some steak kebabs too.


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