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182 Firework Show 1



"What was that!" The citizens couldn't help but look towards the Crafters Guild.

"They must be developing some kind of explosive! It must be for war or something! That explosion was too strong!" Someone couldn't help but yell.

"That was that whistle sound?" Another couldn't help but ask.

"More importantly, what was that light above the Crafters Guild? I couldn't see it well due to the sunlight." Another asked.

So many questions were asked, yet so many were left unanswered. As they had to keep it to themselves as they waited for the day the Crafters Guild would announce what it was.

"Woah! What was that!" Maria exclaimed as she looked up at the dazzling radiant light that had come out from the shell that was launched from the mortar.

"That, Maria is a firework. You can make fireworks have different things appear in them, for example, words. Though they usually aren't used for words, they are usually shot rapidly or in a rhythmical pattern with different flower shapes appearing. It's really pretty when you see it." Sylvie explained.

"That's amazing then! It's so pretty! And if many are launched, especially high in the air! More people can see, thus more people will come and we will have a lot of space! Which means more money!" Maria started to exclaim happily and excitedly as she was basically jumping up and down with money in her eyes.

"Yes, that's basically it. Even though you aren't getting the point of having fun." Sylvie said.

"Well then Sylvie, just tell us what shapes you want us to have. And we'll create it. So you said you want 100 mortars right?" The dwarf asked Sylvie.

"Correct, we need 100 mortars to pull this feat off," Sylvie replied.

"Got it. We'll start advertising about this festival tomorrow. When do you want it to happen?" The dwarf asked Sylvie.

"In four more days," Sylvie replied.

"Alright, we can do that. That's plenty of time." The dwarf reassured Sylvie.

"Great, here are the drawings and colors of which flowers I want. Make sure you make multiple of them. The more, the better. Make sure so that it can last for one hour." Sylvie said.

"Got it." The dwarf said as he called over his crew so they could start working on it. A project that would, later on, leave a tradition, which happened once a year. Yet no one would know who was the one who started this tradition, as by the time it happened… The person was already gone.

"Phew, now let's go! We need to get more advertisements from other guilds too." Sylvie said.

"Un! You do that, I'll go to the hotels I own." Maria said.

"Alright," Sylvie said.

"Hello Sylvie, what do you want?" Ilya asked her.

"Ah hey! I want you to tell people about something called a 'Firework Show' in four days. It will happen above Flower Hill. The time will range from an hour to two hours. It will be at night." Sylvie said.

"What's a Firework Show? Just so people would know." Ilya asked Sylvie.

"It's something in the skies that shows color and shapes. It is a beautiful attraction." Sylvie said.

"I see. I'll get this to the others too, so spreading this information out won't take long." Ilya said to Sylvie.

"Alright, thanks!" Sylvie said before she waved goodbye to Ilya.

"Come again!" Ilya waved goodbye to Sylvie with a smile on her face.


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