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Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
Author :Plutia_Sagiri
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181 July 4th Special!

"Sylvie what are you doing?" Maria asked her as Sylvie was trying to explain something to the Crafters Guild.

"Ah, I want something called fireworks. When you light them up, they'll go high into the sky and show various patterns with a loud pop sound. It's colorful and nice to watch at night." Sylvie explained to Maria.

"Oh, why do we need them? I don't see how it'll help us in any way, shape, or form." Maria asked her once more.

"Maria, haven't you always been stingy about money? If we can use these fireworks as an attraction every year, wouldn't many people come? That way we can sell space and rooms, as well as food for more?" Sylvie explained to her.

"But, how would that even help? If they think it's too much, what's the point of buying food?" Maria asked her.

"Tsk tsk tsk, you don't know yet. But, when people go to attractions, they usually bring money with them. They won't always have food on them, and they have to eat to survive. That's why there are usually a lot of stalls during a holiday, that's how people make money." Sylvie said.

"I see… So why are we doing this again? You clearly aren't after money." Maria asked Sylvie as she started to exert her fearful aura towards Sylvie.

"U-ugh... Please stop…" Sylvie couldn't help but sweat towards being faced with a scary Maria right now. Even the entire Crafters Guild were sweating, even the weak ones have collapsed and started to foam from their mouths.

"Fine, what do you actually intend to plan?" Maria asked Sylvie.

"I just wanted to have firework fun with everyone… It's really beautiful to look at. You'll know when it happens." Sylvie said as she couldn't really explain it in words. As the feeling one feels can't be explicitly explained by words, but only by seeing it with their own two eyes.

"Sigh, why are you so secretive?" Maria asked Sylvie with a frown on her face.

"I am not secretive. I just can't explain it. You'll know when you see them." Sylvie repeated it once more.

"Excuse me miss. We just made a prototype, can you follow us to see if this is what you want?" A member of the Crafters Guild asked her from behind the counter.

"Sure," Sylvie said as she followed him towards the back of the Crafters Guild where the testing area was.

"So as to your request, you wanted us to put it in this tube? And when we light it on fire, the thing will presumably shoot up in the sky like a cannon right?" A dwarf asked Sylvie as he stroked his beard.

"Correct," Sylvie said.

"Alright, we have prototypes of them built. We just wanted to check in with you to see if how this works, is to what you told us." The dwarf said as he patted the mortar before loading in a shell.

After putting in the shell, he launched it.




Author : There's been fireworks for the past 2 hours, help me I got no sleep last night.



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