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180 Way Back To Boy“s Dormitory

"Oh yes. We are lost, we were just exploring the mountain. We didn't expect it to rain and start having bad omen sings all of a sudden." Sam said.

"Oh, must've been tough on you two huh? Looks like you encountered some wild beasts that attacked you on the way." The landlord said as he looked at the bruised up Lance and the damaged armor on Sam.

"Yeah, no biggies though. All we did was trap the monster in a cave before collapsing it. We had already considerably damaged it anyway." Sam said.

"I see, you must've been lucky to make it out alive. Anyway, can you help me carry this all the way back to the boy's dormitory?" The landlord said.

"Sure," Sam said as he took the initiative to help the landlord carry the bag. Little did the both of them know that the thing they were carrying, was the same exact thing that had given them their injuries.

"Ugh! What's in this thing? Why is it so heavy." Lance couldn't help but ask as he lifted the bag with Lance.

"It's nothing but a monster I had killed. Don't worry about it. This monster has fine fur though, I must say. Its fangs are pretty sharp too, I could probably sell it to a blacksmith for a lot of cash." The landlord said as money started appearing in his eyes.

"Yes yes, whatever." Lance said.

"By the way, who are you?" Lance asked the landlord.

"Oh me? I am the landlord of the boy's dormitory. Don't you know me?" The landlord introduced himself.

"Uh no. We don't know you. We've never seen you before." Lance replied.

"Hm?" The landlord had a frown on his face as he looked at Sam.

"Nuh-uh," Sam said as he shook his head left and right.

"Sighz, who are you two anyway? So daring to adventure in the night." The landlord asked Sam and Lance.

"Oh, I am Sam. Nice to meet you, landlord." Sam greeted him.

"I am Lance, nice to meet you as well." Lance introduced himself.

"Nice to meet you two. Well then, we should almost be at the boy's dormitory." The landlord said.

As the group continued to walk, a big shadow finally appeared in front of them.

"Here we are. The boy's dormitory. You two can leave that bag right there for me." The landlord said as he pointed into a wooden shed not far off from the boy's dormitory.

"Alright." Lance and Sam said as they carried the bag over to the wooden shed before placing it in there and walking back towards the boy's dormitory.

As they were walking back to the boy's dormitory they heard a familiar voice. It was the boy that they were roommates with.

"Did you find them?" Chad asked the landlord with panic obviously showing on his face.

"No, I think the monster got to them. The monster was pretty beat up after though." The landlord said as he had bitterness in his eyes.

"Sigh…" Chad regretted letting the two of them go at night. However, as he turned back to go to his room, he found Lance and Sam.

"Ah!" He cried out.


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