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179 Mysterious Man

"Oh? A collapsed cave? I can still sense that demon I had my organization summoned around. It must be in here then." A man cloaked in black said as he stood in front of the collapsed cave Sam and Lance had created earlier before departing.

"Hmm? Two different footprints? Looks like you got done in by two people huh?" The cloaked man muttered as he looked on the mud which had been caused by the rain.

"Sigh, I'll help you out then. I don't want all those sacrifices to be in vain. You must grow stronger too." The cloaked man said as he looked at the collapsed cave and pointed his hand at it.

"Erupt." He said as the caved in stones suddenly exploded into tiny bits. Any normal human being would've had a tiny pebble go through them like it was nothing, however to the man. The pebbles just seemed to bounce off of him.

"You should be okay now. Go train and get stronger. And try not to die for now." The cloaked man said as he vanished from the cave.

"Grr." The sabertooth tiger emmited a low sound as it used shadowstep to get out of the cave and find a safe spot for it to heal.

However, it had terrible luck. As it was fleeing, it met the landlord who was trying to find Lance and Sam.

'What! That's the beast isn't it! It looks beat up! Must've attacked those two students! Darn, was I too late?' The landlord thought to himself as he pulled out his blade and immediately teleported behind the sabertooth tiger.

'The least I can do for them is to avenge them.' The landlord thought to himself as he brought his blade down upon the sabertooth tiger's neck.

"Die." The landlord said as he cleanly cut the sabertooth tiger's neck off like it was butter. The poor sabertooth tiger didn't even get a chance to react as it thought it would be able to survive.

However, fate said otherwise. As it had to meet an incredibly monstrous human being that had incapitated it within a second. As the sabertooth tiger died, it couldn't help but start cursing the man who had freed it but didn't heal it even though he had the powers too.

"Sigh, I guess I'll walk back then. I have to notify the team that we had just dispatched. They don't need to look for it anymore." The landlord sighed to himself as he put the dead sabertooth tiger into a bag before he hauled it all the way back to the boys dormitory.

However, on his way there. He saw two shadows in front of him. One big, and one small.

"Oi! You two over there. Come help me out!" The landlord called out.

"Huh?" Both shadows turned around as they looked at the person who had just talked.

These two were naturally Lance and Sam who had just escaped.

"Hello you two. Are you lost here or something? If you need help finding directions I can lead you to the boys dormitory." The landlord said to the both of them.



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