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173 The Attack Happens!

Caw Caw Caw Caw

At this time of the night, the crows had started to make sounds.

Maria who had read many folktales knew this was a bad sign. As her family was something affiliated with the Church, she knew crows cawing at night meant a sign of ill omen, or worst, death.

"Psst, Elise, you awake?" Maria asked Elise.

"Yeah, I am awake, what's up?" Elise asked Maria as she still had her eyes closed.

"I once read a book. It said crows cawing at night means something bad. Should we continue sleeping or should we get up?" Maria asked Elise.

"What do your senses tell you?" Elise asked Maria.

"My senses are telling me, we get up and prepare for battle right this instant before it's too late," Maria said.

"Good senses because, ROLL OUT OF BED RIGHT NOW!" Elise shouted at Maria as she flung out of the bed and took out her hidden dagger on her thigh before bringing it down on the massive shadow that was above Maria's bed.

"Kyaa!" Maria screamed as she listened to Elise and immediately rolled out of bed, thus saving her life.

At the spot that was where Maria had originally laid, there was a cut made from a dagger.


Elise's dagger which was brought down upon the culprit was suddenly intercepted, as the black shadow had two daggers.


Blue Lightning had flashed as the sky outside had started to rain. Forget about it just being an ill omen from the crow's cawing at night. Even the world itself was mentioning the ill omen that was befalling the two.

"Just why do we have such bad luck at such a time! What about Sylvie!? Is she alright?!" Maria cried out as she cast a water ball at the attacker.

However, that water ball was merely a toy against the attacker, as the attacker chanted their own spell causing Maria's water ball to be aimed back towards her.

"What!" Maria cried out before she was hit by her own water ball which caused her to be sent flying back into the wall.

"Maria!" Elise cried out as she watched Maria get sent flying by the water ball rendering her unconscious.

"Young lady, I recommend you not to look away from your enemy." A voice rang near her.

"Hup!" Elise immediately whirled around as she brought her dagger around to stab the person.

"You are quick, but you are not quick enough to kill someone like me who is a trained assassin!" The person said as they quickly vanished leaving Elise to stab an afterimage.

"What!" Elise exclaimed as she watched her dagger go through the afterimage.

"You did well, but you are still too weak to challenge the real world!" The person said from behind Elise.

After saying that, Elise felt a cold pain on the back of her head before she was rendered unconscious.

"Phew, those two girls put up a good sweat. Better remove all these traps before they accidentally trigger it themselves." The person said as they removed their cloak.

What was revealed was the landlady who wasn't old, but in a perfect youth body.

After putting the two back on their beds and checking their injuries, did the landlady finally leave the room.

'Ah, wheres that cute girl. I shall go cuddle her to death right now. That shall be her challenge, yes.' The landlady thought to herself as she went into the room where Sylvie was before laying on the same bed as her and hugging her.

Poor Sylvie was asleep and never noticed any of this happening. Otherwise, she would've cried out, 'Let me in the story too! I am the protagonist!'


Author : That's another one down for the count! Yeah I am so tired now.