Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
171 Sam and Lance Prepares For Exploration!
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Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
Author :Plutia_Sagiri
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171 Sam and Lance Prepares For Exploration!

"By the way, you said there was a strength examination for the girl's dormitory right?" Lance asked the boy who is now his roommate.

"Yeah, I did. Why? Are you suddenly thinking back about your friends strength now?" The boy replied to Lance as he looked up from his book with a puzzled expression on his face.

"Not necessarily, I am just wondering. Is it a test of combat? Or is it a test of wits? Both play an ideal role here in the examination." Lance replied to the boy as he kept a straight face.

"I guess it would be both? From what I've heard from my seniors, the girls will be attacked at night when they are sleeping. They have to adapt to the situation and fight back. I honestly have no idea how they get attacked." The boy replied to him as he closed his book and placed it under his pillow.

"I see, this might be troublesome then…" Lance said as he held his chin while thinking to himself.

"What is it Lance? What are you thinking about?" Sam said from the entrance of the room as he was holding bags of food.

"What are you doing with all those?" Lance asked Sam.

"I am going to eat those of course! Why? Do you want any Lance?" Sam asked him.

"No, I don't need them. Anyway, wheres your other roommate you mentioned earlier?" Lance asked the boy.

"Ah, he said he was going to explore the mountain. You know, since we are located in a really weird location and all. He felt it might be best to explore it before he gets lost one day." The boy explained it all.

"I see, should we go explore the mountain too?" Lance asked.

"You should, I recommend it. If you are new to this dormitory, the first thing you should always do is explore the mountain. Trust me, you'll find some really interesting stuff on this mountain. The dormitories aren't built at random spots now." The boy said as he kept the area a mystery to the two.

"I see! There must be a treasure there! Let's go now, Lance! My money senses are tingling right now!" Sam said as he put his food into the refrigerator so it would maintain itself.

"Fine, prepare yourself though. Who knows what unknown dangers could be on the mountain." Lance said as he went into his luggage and brought out a long, single-edged curved sword used by Japanese samurais back in Sylvie's original world.

"Alright, let's go now, Sam. I have my weapon, I don't think we need any armor." Lance said as he sheathed his katana, The sheathe was red with a yellow gold chinese dragon.

"Alright!" Sam said as he was already donned in chainmail gear with an iron helmet. He wielded a really durable hammer on his right hand while he held an iron shield on his left.

"Whew, you two are really enthusiastic about this exploration arent you? You both are geared up and ready to find something huh? Though it looks like you actually want to kill something instead of finding treasure…" The boy said as he looked at the two but muttered the rest.

"Yeah! It is time for us to go explore! See you now!" Sam said as he left the room.

"If we find any treasure, I'll make sure to give you some," Lance said as he closed the door.

"What weird people…" The boy said as he sat back on his bed and brought out the book he was originally reading and continued to read it.


Author : Yeah, so limited internet has 20GB left and I am going to be typing my chapters now haha. You won't be seeing a late chapter for a while. My publish schedule will be 5 minutes after power stone reset and 11 hours after.

This will be 11 AM Central and 10 PM Central, just for both continents on the globe to be able to read in the afternoon/morning and not at 2 am. I think.

500 chapters / 2 chapters a day will be 1k words a day, just not 1k per chapter so <3



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