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170 Beauty Examination 2

"Ah. Do you girl's know about beauty products and all that stuff?" The landlady asked the two as she held onto a white bottle.

"Mhm. I never really use them though. My family just lets our appearance go naturally." Elise replied.

"Hmm, I see. What about you? The young lady that burnt some of the little girl's hair off." The landlady asked Maria as she placed down the white bottle.

"Eh? Um, I guess we use it a lot? I don't really use it but, my grandma and my mother use them." Maria replied.

"I see, do you have any experience in that department?" The landlady asked Maria.

"Eh? I have a little experience in it… Sometimes my little sister wants a little makeup on her face just for fun. So I end up doing it a lot, and I kinda got used to it." Maria replied as she scratched her cheeks embarrassingly.

"Can you help me apply some makeup then?" The landlady asked Maria.

"Um sure. I can do that for you." Maria replied as she wanted to be nice to the one who owns her soon to be shelter.

"Alright then. All the beauty products and cosmetics are over there. You can grab any you like. Just try to make me be able to show my youth on my face again." The landlady said as she pointed at a cabinet and sat down on a chair facing a mirror.

"Alright then," Maria said as she went over to the cabinet. After opening it, she found various times of beauty products and cosmetics. There were hair ties, hair clips, lipstick, eyeliner, powder, anything that you could find at a store that sold beauty products.

'There are so many! Why are there so many different types of beauty products and cosmetics here?!' Maria thought in her head as she found the beauty products she usually used for Lily, her little sister.

'Got it! Hopefully, it works for the landlady too. I don't want to disappoint her too much.' Maria thought to herself as she walked over to the landlady while holding the beauty products and cosmetics.

"Are you ready now young lady?" The landlady asked her as she watched Maria walk over while carrying beauty products and cosmetics.

"Yes, I am ready now," Maria said.

"You may begin." The landlady said in a testing manner that Maria did not notice. However, Elise who was on the side heard it. Her eyes flashed for a brief moment before they went to normal and she regained her calm just watching over the two from afar.

'So she's been testing us all along? I mean, I haven't seen a another person in this dorm when it's the day the dormitory opens. She must've been testing them on all of this, but many of them failed. That's why it's so empty.' Elise concluded inside her head as she put the things together.

'Oh? Look's like that girl has found out. I shouldn't have said it like that. I have exposed myself. However, it won't matter anymore. When the last test is power. She better be prepared.' The landlady thought to herself.

'I wonder if Maria and Sylvie have found out already. Maria looks like she hasn't figured it out. And Sylvie… The girl is usually bright, but… Her emotions get to her, due to her hair being burnt off. I don't think she knows.' Elise thought inside her head.