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169 Beauty Examination 1

"Emm… Why are am I facing a mirror?" Sylvie asked the landlady as she was placed onto a chair.

"I shall style your hair. Since your poor hair was burnt off, we'll have to have you have a new style. Beauty is everything, yes?" The landlady said as she started to take out utensils.

"Um alright?" Sylvie replied dazedly as she left the landlady to do her work.

Snip Snip

Snip Snip

Seeing how her hair was being cut for styling, still could not help but sadden Sylvie.

'My precious hair, it's being cut. Ugh, this sucks so badly. I am never entering the kitchen again.' Sylvie thought to herself as her heart winced in pain every time there was a snipping sound.

After a few more minutes of cutting Sylvie's hair did the landlady finally stop.

"You can open your eyes now little girl. What do you think about your new hairstyle?" The landlady asked Sylvie.

"It's okay," Sylvie replied as her heart was already shredded into pieces.

'What new hairstyle? What new hairstyle do I get, for losing so much of my precious hair? Somebody tell me please.' Sylvie thought to herself as she cried inside her head.

"Don't be so sad little girl. Sometimes you need to take some losses in order to get some gains. If you leave your hair to grow for a while longer, it will look great again!" The landlady said as she tried to cheer Sylvie up.

"Un." Sylvie just nodded her head not giving a thought about it.

"Anyway, you can sleep in this room today. I'll go check up on your two other friends alright?" The landlady said as she grabbed her walking stick.

"Un." Sylvie nodded with dead eyes as she walked over to the bed and collapsed on it.

"Oh dear, that's not how a little girl like you should sleep." The landlady said as she walked over to Sylvie and tucked her in bed, before walking towards the kitchen to get Elise and Maria.

"Agh, do you think Sylvie will hate me now?" Maria asked Elise as she had tears in her eyes.

"Probably not, and probably will at the same time. She definitely will hold a grudge against you for that. You never really see her get angry at all. The only time I've seen her get angry is when someone disturbs her naps. Otherwise, that's basically it." Elise said.

"Ahhh, I have to find a way to make it up to her. I don't want her attacking me!" Maria cried out.

"Hello you two fine young ladies. Would you two please come here for me?" The landlady asked the two as she stepped into the kitchen.

"Alright," Elise said as she followed the landlady.

"Ah wait up!" Maria said as she realized that Elise had already left her with the landlady, thus decided to catch up.

What the two entered by following the landlady was a dressing room, filled with many cosmetics.

And for what the two were about to be forced to do… Who knows?

'Hic, my hair. Maria, I swear on the name of nekos. My favorite animals, if I don't get you back on something for this, my name isn't Sylvie.' Sylvie thought to herself as she fell asleep on the bed.