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166 Girl“s Dormitory Requirements!

"Ah! The dormitory is like a castle!" Sylvie exclaimed as she stood at the entrance of the girl's dormitory.

"If the girl's dormitory looks like a castle. I wonder what the boy's dormitory looks like. Maybe another castle?" Elise muttered.

"It's probably something bigger. But it wouldn't be something as beautiful as this castle!" Maria said.

"Uun! Let's go in!" Sylvie said as she skipped inside the girl's dormitory happily with Elise and Maria following her from behind.

"So then, what is the challenge for the girls?" Lance asked the boy as he sat on the floor.

"Well, there is more than one challenge. To be precise, it technically is one, but at the same time. It isn't one." The boy said.

"What. I am confused already, so they have more than one challenge, but they have one challenge? What?" Sam said as he was confused.

"Is this your friend?" The boy asked Lance.

"Nope, no clue. Don't know him at all." Lance replied immediately.

"What do you mean by that Lance! Didn't the five of us form a group during the examinations!" Sam said as he looked at Lance.

"Who? I think you have the wrong guy." Lance said as he didn't even look at Sam.

"You traitor! I am telling the girls after!" Sam said as he left the boy's dormitory.

"Anyway, so what do you mean by that?" Lance asked the boy.

"Well, there are four categories. One is the beauty examination, the other is power examination, there is even a cooking examination like what in the world, and finally there is a flower examination." The boy replied to him.

"Okay, so there are four total examinations, but what did you mean by it is basically one?" Lance asked him.

"That is because the landlady is the one that chooses if you pass or not. You may not even have to take any four of the examinations, she may just like you and you're able to live in the dormitory." The boy replied.

"That's pretty one-sided." Lance said.

"Exactly, if the landlady doesn't like you, even if you accel in all four categories. She can still ban you from entering the girl's dormitory, or living there." The boy said.

"Anyway, so apparently you have some friends that are going to live in the girl's dormitory?" The boy asked Lance.

"Mhm." Lance nodded his head to agree.

"Does all of them fit the category?" The boy asked Lance.

"Mhmm." Lance nodded once more.

"Tell me all about it." The boy said.

"There's a girl called Sylvie. She definitely marks in the cuteness zone and power zone." Lance said.

"There is Elise who marks in the beauty and power zone as well." Lance added.

"And there is Maria, who marks in the beauty zone." Lance said once more.

"I have no idea about their cooking and flower capabilities. However, they aren't trouble makers. So the landlady should like them anyway." Lance said.

"Oh well, I guess you'll find out sometime soon right?" The boy asked him.

"Yeah, we're meeting up with them tomorrow with whoever our two roommates will be." Lance said.

"Sweet, you want to room in with me? I have another roommate who just came four hours ago." The boy said.

"Sure. Let me get that other guy first." Lance said as he went out to find Sam.


Author : uwu!