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165 The Two Dormitories!

After setting up their rendezvous spot for tomorrow. The girls went towards the girl's dormitory which was located onto of a hill full of beautiful flowers, while the men went into the boy's dormitory which was… Which to say was an odd location, as it was located on top of a mountain that looked dreadful.

"Waah! It's so beautiful!" Sylvie said as she looked at the flowers blooming from the bottom of the hill where there was a gate.

"Indeed! There are so many flowers! And the flowers are so carefully taken care of!" Elise said as she was well-versed with mother nature.

"Anyway! There are four people per room right! Who do you think will be our roommate?" Maria asked the both of them.

"A cat." Sylvie said once more.

"Stop saying a cat, we obviously will be getting a human being as our roommate." Elise said as she gave Sylvie an odd glance.

"But she really will be a cat. She will go nya nya." Sylvie said as she imitated a cat.

"That's cute and all but, our roommate has to be human. I would want a cute kitty too you know." Maria said.

"Humph. Just watch." Sylvie harrumphed as she entered the gates and started walking up the hill.

"Why is she so angry? It's like she feels like her words aren't getting through to somebody." Maria asked Elise.

"Who knows, but if she really thinks that a cat will be our roommate. Just wait for her hopes to be crushed when it's actually a human being." Elise sighed as she followed Sylvie.

"Well yeah, I don't really want to see her crying either." Maria said as she followed the both of them.

Meanwhile at the boys dormitory.

"Hey… Lance, this is that… Isn't it?" Sam asked Lance.

"Yeah… This is that…" Lance said as he stood outside the boy's dormitory.

Lance walked up to the entrance and slid the door open.

"Haiya!" A voice came from in front of him as a punch was thrown towards his face.

"What in the world." Lance said as he quickly sidestepped the punch before he seized the person's arm and twisted it behind their back.

"Ow ow ow ow ow! I give! Please let go now! You're going to break my arm!" The boy said as he cried out in pain.

"Who are you? Why'd you punch us?" Lance questioned him as he let go of the boy's arm but was still wary.

"The dorm has a certain rule. You can already tell by how the place is shaped like a dojo. It basically is a dojo that the academy had bought for as a dormitory. We don't accept trash people at this dormitory. Just like the girl's dormitory which has their own challenge." The boy said.

"What is the girl's dormitory challenge than?" Lance asked as he wanted to know what Sylvie, Maria, and Elise was going through.

"Well, come in first. And I'll tell you." The boy said as he walked into the dormitory.


Author : zzz