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161 Claude“s Old Friends 3

"What do you want capt?" A man with a sword at his waist asked Claude suspiciously.

"It's been a while. Why don't you all tell me what you've been up to? As I said, I am really lonely and bored." Claude said as he took another sip of his whiskey.

"Ugh… Capt, why don't you tell us about yours first?" He replied.

"Nah, I save the best for last. Now come on, start talking. Otherwise we'll bring this outside somewhere secluded." Claude said as he gave them a cruel smile.

"Ugh… Fine." He said as he started to talk about his past.

"When the king finally passed, after you retired you know… We also all split ways for a few years until we stumbled upon each other again. I'll recount the story of how it all happened." The man said.

"I see, you all split after I retired. I could see that happening, because none of you know how to lead each other. And you still don't." Claude said as he laughed.

"Capt… That's going too far alright?" The group said in unison as they looked at their laughing captain who was teasing them.

"Alright, go on." Claude said.

"So, I decided to become an adventurer afterwards. You know, I was craving to fight some more." He continued.

"Darn muscle head. I bet you were trapped somewhere and probably got lost with no camping materials huh?" Claude said.

"... Yes… You are correct. I did get trapped and lost with no camping materials after I took my first mission. It was hell for me, that was until I found Mina. She, I mean he, is so reliable you know? He is always prepared, just as expected of a gir- I mean a trustable, and reliable partner." The man said.

"Who are you calling a girl! You are the girl!" Mina stood up immediately as he slammed the table with both of his tiny and fragile hands.

"Ow ow ow ow…" Mina immediately started to say as he already regretted the fact that he hit the table as hard as he could.

"As I was saying, after Mina found me. He helped me clear my mission. As for a few more missions had went by, we decided to stop at some village. That's how we met Jazz." The man continued.

"I see, so you met Mina, really reliable person. Really good housewife too. I mean yes. And then you found a healer Jazz. Really good team, a warrior, a housewife, and a healer." Claude said as he nodded.

"Who are you calling a housewife!" Mina's face turned as red as a tomato.

"Nobody." Claude said as he lifted his arms up in defence as he gave him a sly smile.

"Captain, stop bullying him." A man riddled in scars said as he tried to defend Mina.

"What is it Zeb. Are you going to defend your house wife? You might watch out, because Milton might steal your house wife." Claude teased the man defending Mina, as well as bringing the man who was retelling the story into the fray.

"What do you mean! How am I a house wife though! Captain you're the worst!" Mina cried out.

"Captain! She's ri- I mean He's right! What do you mean house wife! How am I stealing Zeb's house wife!" Milton complained as he pointed towards Zeb.

"What! How am I Mina's husband! What do you mean! This ain't right! Mina's a male! Bonafide male ye' hear!" Zeb retorted.

"That's right! I am a male!" Mina said in agreement.


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