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157 Stop Being A Cry Baby!

"Alright, be on your best behavior now Sylvie. I shall go pick up Bert and Patricia, I don't want to see you get caught into conflict outside. The magic circle is still active just to let you know." Ms. Aria said before she left the house.

"Alright…" Sylvie replied as she just went to sleep early due to how exhausted she was from crying prior to her energeticness in the beginning of the day.

"Ha~" Sylvie sighed as she lay on her bed while one arm covered both of her eyes.

"Life is so unfair." Sylvie said as tears started to drip down her cheeks again.

After saying that, Sylvie draped her blanket over her as she curled up into a ball before falling asleep.

"Sylvie we're back." Ms. Aria said as she opened the door.

However, there was no response.

"Aria, did you leave her without food again?" Patricia questioned her.

"No, I left her food this time. Let's check the living room." Ms. Aria said as she took off her shoes before entering the rooms.

However, contrary to expectations, Sylvie was also not there.

"..." Ms. Aria said nothing as she just stood at the entrance.

"Did you find her Aria?" Patricia asked from behind as she tried to peek in through Ms. Aria.

"Not here. Probably in her room then." Ms. Aria said as she went to Sylvie's room.

"Hmm?" Ms. Aria was stunned when Sylvie's room was locked.

"What is it this time Aria?" Patricia asked Ms. Aria as she wanted to see Sylvie already.

"It's locked. So it means she is in here." Ms. Aria said.

"She doesn't usually lock her door though? So why is it locked today?" Patricia asked her.

"I don't know. She was crying on the way home though. So she probably locked herself in her room to cry or something. She most likely is fast asleep." Ms. Aria said as she turned away from the door.

"Aria, you aren't going to check on her?" Patricia asked her.

"No need, just leave her alone. She needs some time alone." Ms. Aria said as she went to take a bath before heading to sleep.

"Alright then…" Patricia said as she did the same thing before going to sleep with Bert.

'Little girl, wake up. What are you crying for at such a time.' An old man's voice suddenly appeared in her head.

'What do you want.' Sylvie asked him in her head.

'Stop crying. You're so mentally weak it hurts my head. How can someone be so strong but so mentally weak.' The old man complained to her.

'What can I do about it. Why don't you get strong then? You don't even have a physical body.' Sylvie retorted.

'Humph, I have my reasons. You don't. You are merely being a cry baby. With this exploitable weakness you have, you are doomed to survive.' The old man scolded her.

'Then tell me what I should do!' Sylvie yelled at him as she clenched her fists tightly leaving marks.

'Simple! Stop being a cry baby!' The old man said before he vanished.

'AGHH! GO DIE!' Sylvie screamed internally.


Author : Just bought overwatch and am downloading as I type my chapter.