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154 Sylvie Being Left Ou


"Well see you Sylvie, you're probably gonna go sleep in the tree somewhere honestly. It's physical education time so, I need to improve on my combat capabilities." Elise said as she bid Sylvie farewell before she left the room.

"No need Elise! I will be going with you today! I wonder if there is anything fun during Physical Education class." Sylvie said as she followed Elise for the first time towards the outside.

"W-who are you even? Why did you possess my little Sylvie! Come out you demonic being!" Elise who did not expect to hear this immediately started to question Sylvie.

"Elise! It's still me! What are you on about!" Sylvie pouted as she did not like the way Elise was questioning her.

"But, I have to be right about you not being the same you as before! Why are you so energetic today?!? Did you drink coffee or something? Or did you eat too much candy!?" Elise said as she looked at Sylvie.

"None of that! I just had some good tasting food! Also my two personal chefs~ I can finally eat really, really good food at home! I no longer have to go to restaurants to eat now." Sylvie said as she skipped towards the outside of the academy.

"What kind of food makes you completely change your personality? She must be hypnotized by the food or something I swear… She can do some really dumb things sometimes." Elise muttered to herself as she jogged a bit to keep up with Sylvie.

"Alright, that's it for roll call. Sylvie probably isn't here today like always." Mr. Bergoni said as he ordered his class to start training.

"Hello there Mr. Bergoni." Sylvie said as she appeared in front of him hanging upside down from a tree.

"..." Mr. Bergoni gave her a quick look then turned the opposite way around, pretending he had never seen her.

"Mr. Bergoni. Hello? Are you deaf and blind?" Sylvie appeared in front of him once more as she tried to get his attention.

"Young lady, what are you doing here?" Mr. Bergoni asked her as he pretended she was not in his way of vision.

"I am here to participate in class today!" Sylvie said happily.

"Alright then, please go to that tree over there and take a nap." Mr. Bergoni said as he pointed his finger at a place Sylvie was usually found taking a nap at.

"But, I don't want to take a nap right now." Sylvie pouted as she looked at Mr. Bergoni with tears in her eyes.

"Go. Take. A. Nap." Mr. Bergoni said not caring about her.

"Hic! Waa! You bully!" Sylvie cried as she reluctantly went to the tree and just sat there watching her classmates in envy.

"Bergoni, what'd you do to Sylvie? Why is she crying right now?" Ms. Maurice said as she walked over to Mr. Bergoni.

"She's on something. She wanted to participate in class for once. I don't know how I feel about that." Mr. Bergoni said as he continued to look at his class.

"Maybe she changed over a new leaf today." Ms. Maurice said.

"Ha ha. What a funny joke. If she could turn into a new leaf, I would resign my job right away. She's probably on sugar or something." Mr. Bergoni said as he crossed both of his arms.

"That's pretty rude." Ms. Maurice said.

"I know. But it's Sylvie." Mr. Bergoni said.

"WHAT ABOUT ME!?" Sylvie couldn't help but yell at the two of them.

"Nothing." Both of them said in unison.