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150 Bert & Patricia“s Cooking 3

"Mmm, that was really good you two. Where'd you learn how to cook?" Ms. Aria asked Bert and Patricia after their shift was over.

"Oh… We were just traveling and we happened to stumble across some ancient paper. It told us what to do, and we ended up making it somehow. The ancient people must've had good food or something." Patricia answered as she scratched her cheek.

"... That's… Do you know how to cook anything else aside from those two dishes?" Ms. Aria asked her as she was stunned from the reply.

"Yes, we were originally cooks for mercenary groups anyway. So finding that recipe helped us improve in our cooking a lot." Patricia said happily.

"I see." Ms. Aria said as she started to be delighted.

"Would you like to cook for Sylvie at our house?" Ms. Aria asked her.

"Sure! I would love to cook for her everyday!" Patricia said as she jumped in joy when she heard the request.

"Is that so… The ingredients will come from your money though… Since I am paying for the house bills and rent after all…" Ms. Aria added.

"Sure no problem! We will make sure she is never hungry, also that she gets good food!" Patricia said as she patted her chest to confirm that she will do her best.

"Alright then." Ms. Aria breathed a sigh of relief as she got what she wanted.

"Now let's go home before it gets too dark. I don't really want Sylvie in the house alone. Especially when the nobles find my house and raid it when I am away and she is there alone." Ms. Aria said as she took the pizza box and a bag of pudding before walking out the door.

"Alright." The two of them said as they wore their hoods on.

"Alright, just act normal now." Ms. Aria said as she was already on her way home while carefully carrying Sylvie's dinner back home.

'I am dead.' Sylvie thought to herself.

'Is this how it will end?' Sylvie thought.

'What a sad ending… Which protagonist dies like this from hunger? This is unheard of…' Sylvie exclaimed in her head.

Knock Knock

"OH IS THE FOOD FINALLY HERE!" Sylvie screamed as she started to move and quickly ran to the door with a face full of smiles.


"Welc-" Sylvie started to say until the person she saw wasn't Ms. Aria.

"Umm.. Hello? Who are you? May I help you?" Sylvie asked them.

"Hello little girl. May I meet your parents?" The man cloaked in black asked her.

"My parents aren't here. I am being taken care of by my auntie." Sylvie responded.

"Oh, may I see your auntie then?" The man asked her.

"She isn't here… She went to go pick someone up a few hours ago. She left me here to starve to death I swear… I haven't eaten in hours." Sylvie started to complain to the man.

"I see… May you have better luck next time… Hopefully your auntie comes back quickly so you don't starve to death." The man said as he left the house and went on to another house before knocking on it.

"What a weirdo." Sylvie muttered to herself before she closed the door.


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