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147 Baroque Vs Ragestride 20

"Sylvie, are you okay? You look worn out for some reason, also you look more depressed than when we found out Ariana was forced to leave the country." Elise asked Sylvie during magic class.

"Ugh, whenever I go out somewhere, I need to have adult supervision. Even on my way back home I need adult supervision. How am I supposed to go anywhere?" Sylvie muttered.

"How about I get my mother to supervise you wherever you go out doing anything?" Elise asked Sylvie.

"All my plans would be exposed than. Also having someone watching you 24/7 would be pretty nerve wracking to be honest. Can you mother even be there for me everytime I go out anyway?" Sylvie asked Elise.

"You're right… And she has work too, so she can't always go out whenever you go out to supervise you." Elise replied to Sylvie.

"Ha~" Sylvie sighed as she rested her head on the desk.

"Ha~ You are really screwed this time huh? Why are you such a troublemaker with such a small physique?" Elise asked her as she patted Sylvie's head which was devoid of all forms of life.

"It's not my fault… I can take care of myself anyway, why do I need a supervisor? Besides, me taking out those bad guys, wouldn't it be better for society?" Sylvie muttered.

"Of course it would be better for the society, but I think Ms. Aria is just too careful. She is scared of you getting injured you know. You should put yourself into her shoes, and feel what she feels." Elise said to Sylvie.

"Ha~ How do I do that? We are the complete opposites, so I don't know what she feels." Sylvie sighed to herself.

"Maybe you'll understand it one day." Elise sighed as she continued to pat Sylvie's head.

"You better be on your best behavior today Sylvie." Ms. Aria said as she stood in front of the door.

"Where are you going?" Sylvie asked Ms. Aria.

"I am going to fetch the two of them. They might fall into some trouble due to the noble war. So it's best if I get them. And you little girl, better stay right here in this house and not go out. I have already constructed a magic circle around the entire house to see if someone has entered the house and if someone has left the house." Ms. Aria warned Sylvie.

After hearing this Sylvie's jaw dropped. Who could've known the woman in front of her would go to such means to just keep her imprisoned inside a house.

"B-but! It will be boring in here!" Sylvie complained to Ms. Aria.

"I don't care, you will endure it. Go study or something. Or go take a nap." Ms. Aria said.

"Now, if you will excuse me. I need to pick up those two Sylvie." Ms. Aria said as she went outside the house and closed the door leaving a shocked Sylvie.

"Why do I deserve such treatment ah!?" Sylvie cried out to the heavens.


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