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141 Baroque Vs Ragestride 14

'Sigh, you know what. I think being out there in the midst of the noble war is better than being in this building right now…' The adventurers thought as most of them silently started to leave the building excluding those few newbie adventurers or foreigners who had not heard of Ilya.

"Why are you guys leaving?" The few adventurers who did not leave asked the leaving ones.

"Ah, I had something to do at home. You know, one can't take care of their wife and children if they are always away from home!" An adventurer said as he dashed out of the building.

"You told me you didn't even have a wife ah!" The adventurer shouted at him as he watched him disappear.

"What about you guys?" The adventurer asked the others.

"..." The adventurers didn't reply, instead they all ran away from the building really quickly and got as far as they could.

"Hey! Give me an answer ah! What's wrong with you all! Are you not going to help the beauty in need ah!?" The adventurer said at the adventurers who were already probably across the entire street and were watching the Adventurers Guild from afar.

"Ha? What did a little wh*re like you just say about the Caoco Kingdom? You elves should learn how to be put in place. Us humans are always superior to you inferior species who only know how to live in the forests." The male adventurer said as he started walking towards the receptionist desk and roared at Ilya while spraying his saliva everywhere.

"Yuck." Sylvie said as his saliva also got sprayed over her and her clothing she was wearing as she was being carried by Ilya.

"Oh no! Little Sylvie, you've been dirtied. Liz! Come help clean up Sylvie! She's been dirtied!" Ilya exclaimed as she shouted towards the second floor.

"Coming! Sheesh, stop being so loud woman!" A redheaded girl wearing glasses said as she came down the flight of stairs and went over to Ilya.

"Now come on, hand her over and finish it up ah. I can't clean her forever, or it might damage her ah." Liz said as she stretched her arms out to receive Sylvie.

"Here you go. Sylvie behave alright? I will come up to pick you up after I am done here." Ilya said as she gently transferred Sylvie from her arms to Liz's.

"Alright." Sylvie said as she let it all happen, she already knew what was gonna happen.

'This is the type of thing that usually happens in novels anyway. I shall use magic to get this actual view! Nyufufufufu.' Sylvie thought to herself as she let herself get cleaned by Liz.

"Ha? You done ignoring me you damn elf!?" The male adventurer continued to shout as his saliva sprayed all over her.

"Shut up you orc." Ilya said softly.

"Ha? What'd you say?" The male adventurer asked her.

"I said shut up orc!" Ilya shouted as she blasted the male adventurer away using water magic.


Author : Cliff hanger not intentional ah. Tomorrow = last day of school ah