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140 Baroque Vs Ragestride 13

After Jack had fainted unconscious the entire floor erupted in chaos.

"Calm down everyone! He is not dead! He is merely unconscious that's all!" The medic said as she called for help.

Two buff men came and helped the medic bring Jack into the infirmary room where they laid him on a white bed.

"Everyone calm down! What are you, some children!? The lot of you, I can't believe you. You all are in so much confusion and chaos, what kind of adventurers are you!?" Ilya shouted as placed Sylvie on the counter before covering her ears.

After shouting, all the adventurers froze in fright as they stopped shouting and rampaging around the building. They all then turned to look at Ilya who had shouted in rage.

An awkward silence had engulfed the entire first floor as the adventurers had realized what they had just done. All of them sat down silently as they reflected over their childish actions and stared at the actual child, Sylvie, who did not act like a fool when Jack had fainted.

"Hmph! Now all of you should learn from what you just did. What kind of adventurers are you if you are in so much fear? Don't you know fear could take your life one day ah?" Ilya started to lecture the adventurers.

The adventurers started to lower their head even more, not even daring to look at Ilya who was scolding them. From a distance, they looked as if they were being bullied by Ilya. Countless men being bullied by one elf lady, that is a spectacle to watch.

"We're sorry Ilya…" The adventurers all apologized to Ilya at once.

"Hmph, hopefully you've learned your lesson. Otherwise, next time I shall use physical force on you." Ilya said as she snorted and continued to carry Sylvie.

"Yes ma'am…" The adventurers said.

"Say, who is she? Why is everyone so scared of her?" A male adventurer who was new to the capital asked a nearby adventurer.

"Ah? Who wouldn't be scared of her dude? She's an S ranked adventurer dude. She could beat us up at any time. Don't even bother picking a fight with her." The adventurer replied to him.

"Why is an S ranked adventurer working as a guild receptionist here? And why is she so caring of that little child?" The adventurer asked him again.

"She loves cute things. Why wouldn't she take care of that little child?" The adventurer replied again.

"Oh I see.." The adventurer said as he took a quick glance at Sylvie.

All of a sudden, a burly adventurer spoke.

"Who are you? Who do you think you are to be able to teach us a lesson ah? You mere guild receptionist!" He spat at Ilya.

'Oh wow. I didn't see this one coming.' The surrounding adventurers all thought at once as they rolled their eyes at this very astounding character who had just popped out of nowhere.

"I am at least a very civil person unlike the bunch of you wild monkeys. Even monkeys are more tamed than you." Ilya said.

"Ilya that's pretty rude to say." Sylvie said.

"Don't worry, it doesn't apply to you." Ilya said as she looked down at Sylvie and smiled as she stroked her head.

"Oh okay." Sylvie said.

"How dare you pay attention to that little girl more than me! Do you not know who I am! I am a B ranked adventurer from the Caoco kingdom!" He shouted at Ilya.

"Sorry what? You are from cocoa dumb? My bad, I wasn't paying attention ah." Ilya said as she looked at him with displeasure clearly shown on her face.