Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
139 Baroque Vs Ragestride 12
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Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
Author :Plutia_Sagiri
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139 Baroque Vs Ragestride 12

"Er no Sylvie, you are a staff member here. Just one that is not officially registered… But all of us take you as a staff member here due to your work anyway…" Ilya said.

"Oh, I see. Then can I get some money? I don't get allowance, my auntie won't give me any." Sylvie asked Ilya.

"Er… No you may not… If your family doesn't give you allowance, that means they don't trust you with money… If your own family can't trust you with money, how could I, Ilya, trust you with money?" Ilya asked Sylvie.

"Aw… But you said I was a staff member here right? Wouldn't I deserve some money for doing the job?" Sylvie tried to reason with Ilya.

However, little did Sylvie know, Ilya already had it all planned out.

"Remember, we did say you were not officially registered. Which means that you are technically not working here. So we don't owe you any money Sylvie." Ilya said.

"Ugh! You're such a bully Ilya!" Sylvie said.

"Says the one who's trying to rob me out of my money hmm?" Ilya said until a noise garnered everyone's attention.

"Ugh…" A man in tattered clothing and armor walked into the Adventurer's Guild.

"Isn't he the man who left for a mission like two hours ago? Why is he so battered up? Did he meet a monster or something?" The adventurers started whispering to each other.

"No, that's not possible. Look at the marks, those are obviously marks of a weapon. It has to be a human who attacked him." The adventurers quickly denied the claim as they pointed at his shirt which was cleanly cut.

"What happened Jack? You only went away for two hours, you shouldn't even have reached your destination for the mission. Yet you're so battered up." Ilya said as she used magic to call for a medic in the Adventurer's Guild.

Soon, a middle aged woman came down from the flight of stairs and helped Jack prop down against the wall before she started to treat him.

"It's the Baroque and the Ragestride's family conflict. It's dangerous for us adventurers to be out there. They will try to rope you in, and if you don't agree they will attack you. So be careful, they aren't letting the commoners off either. They are forcing the commoners to pick up their weapons and fight for them." Jack said as he took in a deep breath as a cotton swab touched a cut on his skin.

"Pretty outrageous huh? The Baroque family who is supposed to be doing the greater good by removing the Ragestride's family is also trying to make use of the commoners who had nothing to do with it die for them. Soon enough, us adventurers will be roped in. I recommend you all stay at home until this war between nobles are ove- AGHHHHHH!! TOO TIGHT!" Jack said until the middle aged woman wrapped bandages around his cuts and squeezed it tight to make sure the bandages were not loose.

"But that's my warning to you all. Be careful next time you roam on the streets." Jack said before he fainted unconscious from the pain.


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