Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
137 Baroque Vs Ragestride 10
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Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
Author :Plutia_Sagiri
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137 Baroque Vs Ragestride 10

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"Tch! It's only one mere woman! She can't do anything if we outnumber her! It's three to one! We have the upper hand! Let's get her men!" A guard said as he circled around her with two more guards.

"Uryaa!" A guard said as he suddenly charged in from behind him and swung his sword.

"Hup!" Ms. Aria gracefully dodged the attack by side stepping to the side as if she had anticipated the move.

However, the other guards weren't just waiting for nothing. After seeing her dodge the attack, the both of them both went in for the attack as they seized her options of escape.

"Ah?" Ms. Aria who did not expect the three to be so coordinated was stunned for a bit. However, her saving grace had come.

"Don't forget about the both of us!" The woman and man said as they both threw vases at the guards.

However, like usual, the vase aimed towards Ms. Aria again for no reason.

"What the heck? Are you aiming at me or at them? WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL AH?!" Ms. Aria asked as she jumped to dodge the vases.


"Gah!" The guards screamed in unison as they who were about to hit Ms. Aria were suddenly hit by the vases that somehow were getting magnetically attracted to Ms. Aria who had quickly left her spot.

"It isn't my fault this time! Even the vases my husband threw also aimed towards you! Maybe you have something that attracts vases towards you or something?" The woman said as she looked at her hand and the broken vases shards on the ground.

"Maybe?! But what attracts vases even?" Ms. Aria said.

"I don't think anything attracts vases…" The man said as he scratched his head.

"Y-you! Don't think you'll get away with this! I'll tell my master and he'll get the both of you! Then we'll sell you to a brothel and kill the man!" The butler said in rage as he pointed at the three as he trembled fiercely.

"Go ahead, I am waiting. The Ragestride family won't last anyway! The Baroque family will crush your family completely!" The woman said as she looked at him with rage in her eyes.

"G-geh! Remember me! I shall be back! And your lives will becoming a living hell!" The butler said as he turned around to run but tripped and fell on the floor. He then quickly got up and ran away from the scene.

"Sorry for getting you in the mix miss." The married couple said as they walked over to Ms. Aria.

"It's alright, they weren't a big problem after all. I mean you practically saved me at the end there because of those vases." Ms. Aria said.

"Hehe…" The both of them said as they scratched their cheeks in embarrassment.

"We only did it because they took our daughter a couple of years ago… They raped her and then killed her, who knows what kind of torture she had to endure those years…" The woman said as she explained her story as she cried.

Her husband held her closely as he tried to soothe her.

"But thank you, now that the Baroque family has finally decided on eradicating the Ragestride family, can no more families be forced to give up their daughters like our family." The woman said as she said in joy.

"Mmm, that would be for the best." Ms. Aria said as she nodded in agreement.

"Anyway, see you. I need to go shopping." Ms. Aria said as she turned around to enter the grocery store.

"Ah, you're going shopping too right? Let me shop with you, we originally came to shop for ingredients for our young child." The woman said as she walked to catch up to Ms. Aria.

"Alright then. Name is Aria, what is yours?" Ms. Aria asked her.

"My name is Mara. He is Raja. Nice to meet you Aria." The woman said.

"Nice to meet you too." Ms. Aria said as she smiled.


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