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134 Baroque Vs Ragestride 7

"School has been suspended for today." Ms. Aria said as she woke Sylvie up.

"Why?" Sylvie asked her.

"The Baroque and the Ragestride family are fighting each other now. Now the entire capital is in utter chaos. Even Ariana's mother is starting helping the Baroque family get rid of the Ragestride family due to her anger." Ms. Aria said.

"Many other nobles have sided with the Baroque because they already knew about the outrageous acts of the Ragestride's family, as well has been victimized by the opposing family as well. They all want to wipe the entire Ragestride family, and knowing that the Ragestride probably has the biggest military, they need to combine all their troops together to be able to win." Ms. Aria added.

"I see. Can I go play around since school has been suspended for today than?" Sylvie said as she beamed a smile at Ms. Aria.

"No, you have punishment. Your punishment is four hours of studying today. Get a move on it." Ms. Aria said.

"B-but! No one else is studying! Since school is suspended I should be able to have freedom like them!" Sylvie complained.

"Humph. Do I look like I care? After you finish studying can you go outside and play. And make sure you don't get into the noble's war. It will be a hassle to try to save you." Ms. Aria said as she left the house after leaving Sylvie a sandwich for breakfast as she went to the grocery store to stock up on more ingredients.

"Sigh… Four hours of studying it is…" Sylvie muttered to herself as she went and washed herself up for the morning before eating the sandwich made for her and then went to studying for four hours about world history and language as math was as simple as tic tac toe for her.

"Hmm, what ingredients should I buy today?" Ms. Aria muttered to herself as she walked towards a large building.

"Hello Aria." An old woman sitting on a bench outside the supermarket greeted her.

"Hello auntie." Ms. Aria greeted her back.

"Bah! What do you mean auntie! Why don't you go back to calling me sister ah?" The old woman said as she looked at her with a aggrieved look on her face.

"Alright sister. Don't you get tired sitting on that bench every single day in the morning for two hours?" Ms. Aria said as she sat down by the old woman on the space where the bench was empty.

"Bah, if you were as old as me. You should enjoy being outside more. You already know my time is short, and staying inside that darn house will only make me die quicker. The air out here is so fresh." The old woman said as she started to lecture Ms. Aria.

After a while did the old woman finally leave due to feeling exhausted.

"Bye Aria." The old woman said as she waved her goodbye and walked home.

"Goodbye sister!" Ms. Aria waved her goodbye as she entered the grocery shop but was forced to stop.


"$%*@%$ What the heck!" Ms. Aria shouted inaudible noises as she leaped back as a vase came crashing where she was originally standing.

"Die you Ragestride people! Don't you remember when you took my daughter!? Why was she found dead by the riverside!" A woman and man said as they cried out tears as they threw vases at people.

'I told Sylvie to not get caught in the war, and I am getting caught in the war. Is this Karma?' Ms. Aria thought to herself.


Author : nyaa~ Finals next week.