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133 Baroque Vs Ragestride 6

After bribing Sylvie, the old man went back to his table.

"Father, why didn't you just kill her? Aren't you afraid of our plans getting leaked out?" The son asked his father.

"Why should I kill her? Look at how cute she is, and doesn't she look innocent and pure? She isn't the type of girl to break her promises." The old man said as he cut a piece of steak and ate it.

"But father, what if she actually does tell? You can't be too trustworthy of people." The daughter said as she was jealous of Sylvie's looks.

She who was chubby was of course very cautious of her appearance, and was immediately jealous of other girl's figures like Lily and Sylvie who were skinny.

"Honestly, in my opinion, you should just kill her right now. She doesn't deserve to live after hearing us." The daughter said as she looked at Sylvie viciously.

"Rachel, do you honestly think I can't see your eyes? I can easily guess what you're thinking right now. You are jealous of her, aren't you?" The old man said as he gave his daughter a stare as he ate another piece of steak.

"So what if I am jealous? What makes her think she can be better than me?" His daughter argued with him.

"You need to learn how to retain your image and manners. You are a noble, not a commoner who attacks others due to jealousy. Besides, I already use my skill, she did not lie. Don't try to make excuses because you're jealous just to ruin our reputation." Her father said which made her unable to do anything but writhe from anger.

'Hmm, it's getting pretty dark out. I should head back before Aria checks up on me to see if I am truly sleeping or not.' Sylvie thought to herself as she decided to leave the restaurant.

On her way out the old man called out to her again.

"Little girl, don't forget about our promise alright?" The old man said.

"Okay~" Sylvie said as she waved him goodbye before she left the third floor.

"Oh you're leaving so soon Sylvie?" Lily said as there were tears in her eyes.

"Of course… It's literally night… I need to sleep too…" Sylvie said as she inched farther away from Lily.

"Fine…" Lily said.

"Bye then." Sylvie said as she left the restaurant and bolted back home leaping from house to house.

"Bye Sylvie." Lily waved her goodbye.

"Hopefully she didn't notice I faked my sleep and slipped out!" Sylvie murmured as she flew back into her window.

"Thank go-" Sylvie started to say until she saw who was at the door.

"A-auntie…" Sylvie said in fright as she started to back away towards the window again.

"Sylvie, what did I tell you before?" Ms. Aria said as she started to emit a dangerous aura around her that started to cascade itself towards Sylvie.

"P-please forgive me auntie…" Sylvie said as she was forced to kneel on both her knees due to the ferocious aura being pressed down on her.

"I shall not forgive you. You will receive punishment tomorrow." Ms. Aria said as she looked at Sylvie with a glare.

"P-please no punishment. I beg you…" Sylvie cried out.

"No way out of this punishment. Go to sleep, and be prepared for what happens after school tomorrow." Ms. Aria said as she left the room.

"N-no… I am dead for sure today! I am going to die so young! Goodbye mother… Goodbye father…" Sylvie said as tears started to flow down her cheeks as she reluctantly went to bed.


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