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129 Baroque Vs Ragestride 2

"Sir, the Ragestride's family are finally fighting back against us. What should we do?" A butler asked a fat, stubby old man who had a long curly moustache.

"Hmm, we shall use our brains to deal with him. Even though we are basically the same rank, their family are still stronger than us." The old man said as he stroked his moustache.

"How shall we use our brains to deal with him sir?" The butler asked the old man.

"We already cut him off from all the resources he can get. Now we just play a game of chess with him. Simply, we'll be in a stalemate for awhile until he runs out of his resources. After that, we'll launch an attack." The old man said.

"What if the king stops us though?" The butler asked him.

"The king won't bother in something so trivial as this. I already sent the king some information about what the Ragestride's family was doing in the dark anyway. He would most likely support me nonetheless." The old man said as he gave a sneer.

"All right sir. I shall relay this to the soldiers." The butler said as he bowed before leaving.


"Now then, let's see how long this game can last between us. You better use your trump cards quickly, otherwise your entire family will be decimated." The old man chuckled as he moved a chess piece forward.

This old man here is known as the head of the Baroque family. A family that is known for their knowledge, their power built from the many connections they have that are able to rival the Ragestride's family that are from brute strength.

"Now then, let's just hope there are no interferences with the king and the legendary families. Otherwise we may have no chance of winning should they come in and stop us." The Baroque's family head said as he leaned back on his chair.

"Uuuu… I am finally done with studies. Why did I have to study for two hours… This is unfair… I am like one of those children that have tiger moms as their parent." Sylvie cried out as she closed the textbook she was reading and set it to the side before sprawling all over the table.

"Here you go little Sylvie. Have some apples and water." Ms. Aria said as she walked in with some sliced apples and a cup of water.

"Auntie… Is this how you treat your relatives?" Sylvie asked as her eyebrows furrowed looking at what she had to eat.

"Aiya, stop being so picky. No wonder you are so small. Stop being a picky eater, you must grow." Ms. Aria said.

"Don't I need meat to grow?" Sylvie asked.

"Yes you do, but you also need other foods to grow." Ms. Aria said.

"Fine…" Sylvie said as she reluctantly started eating her apples.

"That's a good girl." Ms. Aria said as she left the living room.

"Humph… I hope I can hurry and do something fun. Maybe sneak out to go to a restaurant while I am at it. Might as well visit Lily's restaurant again." Sylvie muttered to herself as she chewed on her apples.

Chew Chew.


Author: 2 More weeks and then im out of school!!!!