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127 Ragestride“s Blacklisted 2

"Alright, I shall tell mama and papa to blacklist the Ragestride's family really quickly~" Sylvie said once she entered Ms. Aria's house.

"Nope." Ms. Aria said from behind her.

"Why not?" Sylvie asked as she turned around to give Ms. Aria a puzzled look.

"Because of this." Ms. Aria said as she gave Sylvie two crescent mooned shaped eyes with a wide smile as she pulled out textbooks out of thin air.

"A-aria. Y-you can't do this to me. This is abuse! Child abuse! Where are the child abuse protectors when I need them!" Sylvie started to cry out once she saw what Ms. Aria had wanted her to do.

"Did you forget that you were to call me auntie? Looks like you won't learn if I don't discipline you. An extra hour of studying for you!" Ms. Aria said coldly as she carried Sylvie into the living room and placed her on a chair before putting the pile of textbooks in front of Sylvie on a desk.

"P-please! Take back the hour auntie! I promise I won't do that ever again!" Sylvie cried out.

"No! Go study! I will be making dinner now! No dozing off! If I don't see you study, I'll make you study for even longer!" Ms. Aria said as she went off into the kitchen.

"This is unfair!! Somebody save me!!" Sylvie cried out in torment as she had to study.


"What is this? What do you mean we are unable to get our men healed? What do you mean we are blacklisted!? What did you people do to get the medical facility and the church angry enough to blacklist the entire family?!" The Ragestride's family head said as he threw a nearby portrait at the wall just a few inches off of the servant's head who was trembling in fear.

"W-we did nothing family head! This lowly servant does not have any recollection of insulting or damaging anything of the Church's or the Medical Facilities!" The servant said as he kept his head hung low in fear.

"Fine! Leave and send people to investigate! We may be plotted against! Otherwise, solve this or you shall become dead! Along with your family!" The Ragestride's family head said as saliva came out of his mouth and sprayed onto the servant.

"Yes sir!" The servant said as he immediately ran out of the room as if he would die had he stood inside that room a second longer.

However, a few more minutes, another servant entered the room.

"Sir! The blacksmiths are refusing to craft us any weapons, nor sell us any weapons!" The servant reported to the Ragestride's family head.

"SOLVE THE PROBLEM OR I'LL CUT OFF YOUR HEAD AND YOUR FAMILY'S!" The Ragestride's family head said as he threw another portrait at the servant.

"Y-yes sir!" The servant said as he immediately ran out the room.

'What's wrong with him? Why is he so agitated today? I nearly died!' The servant kept those words to himself as he was afraid of death.


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