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124 Ragestride“s Family Visit 3

"What's this source of magic energy coming from!?" An old man's voice suddenly came in from the front door of the mansion.

"It's you!" Ariana's mother suddenly stood up from the couch as if she was ready to pounce onto him at any given moment if she had the capability to.

"Hmph. It's you again, I could care less about your family. Now where is my daughter-in-law? I want to see her so she can say her final goodbyes to this family before we take her." The old man said as he looked at Ariana's mother.

"Hey stop ignoring me." Elise said as she increased the amount of MP she was using to increase the power of the spell's power even further.

"Oh, this is where the magic energy fluctuation was coming from. Such a high amount of MP is being stored inside such a little girl. I wonder what happens if I were to steal it, surely your family wouldn't mind right? I mean most families would gladly hand over their daughter for us, the Ragestride's family." The old man said as if it was natural.

"Hmph! Begone! Thunder Piercing Arrow!" Elise chanted as she let go of her magic arrow holding fingers and let the arrow pierce through the air.


The old man seeing this immediately paled as he chanted a defensive spell.

"Earth Creation : Rubber Dome!" The old man quickly chanted as both of his hands touched the ground thus making the ground shift upwards as a dome made out of rubber started to encase the magic filled arrow.

"Not bad little girl, who knew you would use such a destructive spell in this mansion. That means you obviously aren't working for this family either if you didn't care about how you were to damage the mansion now." The old man said as he licked his lips.

'Holy crap. Just how much MP did she use? I used nearly two-thirds of my entire MP to encase that spell and nullify it!' The old man thought inside his head.

"Who are you!" Elise simply stated as she looked at the man who had blocked her spell.

Few could even do what she could do, and even fewer could block against what she had done. However, this man had done it. He was obviously not just an ordinary character.

"I am the head of the Ragestride's family! Now than, who are you? You dare attack me! You shall pay for your treacherous acts against our kingdom!" The old man said.

"Hmph? What treacherous acts against the kingdom?" Elise retorted.

"You attacked me! The head of the Ragestride's family. One that works for the kingdom! If you had assassinated me, wouldn't that clearly bring turmoil to the kingdom? You were clearly trying to destroy this kingdom by that one move!" The Ragestride's family head said.

"I can easily get the king to remove you and your family! However, if you want me to not do that, all you have to do is become my family's slave! Simple right?" The Ragestride's family head said as he looked down upon Elise.

"Easily get the king to remove her and her family? I can easily get him to revoke your authority and exile you though." Sylvie suddenly butted in.

"Who are you to be saying such a thing?" The Ragestride's family head said as he looked around the room to find the culprit.

"It's me!" Sylvie said as she poked her head out from behind Elise.

"A child?!" The Ragestride's family head could no longer keep himself calm.


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