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119 Mission: Investigate Ariana“s Family 2

"Are you sure we shouldn't think of a plan first before we go Ms. Aria?" Lance asked her.

"No need, all we really have to do is ask them what happened right? There isn't really a need for all this investigation is there?" Ms. Aria replied as she looked at them.

"W-what if they don't tell us what happened to Ariana though?" Maria asked her.

"Oh come on you children. Stop getting your head filled with delusional fantasies that you wish were true so you could go on with this investigation plan you have stuck in your head." Ms. Aria said as she flicked Maria's forehead.

"Au! Why'd you do that!" Maria said as she held her forehead.

"Because you deserve it." Ms. Aria said.

"That's just cruel! You can't attack somebody because of that!" Maria complained.

"What if I want to?" Ms. Aria said.

"Shameless! How can you even be a teacher!" Maria cried out.

"Heh, you'll learn one day. Now then, let's go. Bring your drinks, we're heading over to Ariana's house. Sylvie lead the way." Ms. Aria said as she stood up and gave the waitress money.

"Un." Sylvie said as she got up and walked towards the exit of the coffee shop.

"Thank you for your patronage." The waitress said as she waved them goodbye.

"Sylvie, say. We've been walking for quite a while. When will we get to Ariana's house?" Maria asked Sylvie as she was worn out from all the walking they have done.

"We are only half way there. Why?" Sylvie replied.

"W-what! Only half way! Someone kill me! I can not walk any longer!" Maria said as she just collapsed on the spot and wouldn't budge.

"Come on Maria, we don't have all day." Sylvie said as she nudged Maria who was on the floor.

"Nooo. I don't have any more energy. And we do have all day. Tomorrow is a saturday which means no school." Maria protested.

"Fine, we'll just get a carriage then." Sylvie said as they went to a carriage rental shop and rented a carriage.

"Onwards!" Maria said happily as she sat in the carriage.

"Speaking of which, we only got to see Ariana leave in this direction like yesterday right?" Elise said as she recalled them beating eachother up.

"Yes… But if I recall we all got into a big fi-..." Maria started to say but then remembered what happened and became silent.

"Let's erase that from our memory." Lance stated bluntly.

"Yes." The three girls said as they nodded with consent towards Lance.

"Say Sylvie, is that Ariana's house?" Ms. Aria asked Sylvie.

"Hmm? En, that's her house." Sylvie said.

"This is a small mansion though, what do you mean house…? Just what size do you think a house and a mansion is? What size is your house?" They all looked at Sylvie with a flabbergasted expression on their face.

"What? Is this not a house?" Sylvie looked at them confusedly.

"It's a house, anyway let's enter." Ms. Aria said as she stopped the carriage at the gates and got off.


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