Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
118 Mission: Investigate Ariana“s Family 1
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Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
Author :Plutia_Sagiri
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118 Mission: Investigate Ariana“s Family 1

"Hello there Sylvie and Maria and… Err… Sorry do I know you by any chance?" Lance greeted them one by one but was confused on who Ms. Aria was.

"Oh she's Ms. Aria, she's Ariana's knowledge teacher and wanted to help us investigate! She's also my babysitter I suppose." Sylvie said as she introduced them to Ms. Aria.

"Ms. Aria these are my friends. She's Maria, your names sound alike and are almost spelt alike. She's a troublesome friend. She's Elise, a troublesome friend. This is Lance, another troublesome friend. And there's that one more friend that we didn't invite because he is not even a troublesome friend but a disaster class." Sylvie introduced Ms. Aria to her friends one by one.

"What do you mean we are troublesome friends?! You are the most troublesome and problematic person there is out there! Do you even know what you do on a daily basis?!" Her three friends raised their voices causing many other people to look at their table.

"What do you mean? Keep your voice down, you're attracting the people's attention. I don't like so many people staring at me, it's weird." Sylvie said bluntly as she hid herself behind Ms. Aria so she wouldn't feel the gazes landing on her.

"But! Do you really even know what you do on a daily basis!?" The three asked her once more in a hushed voice so the others wouldn't hear them.

"What? All I do is sleep, how is that being problematic and troublesome?" Sylvie asked.

"That's the point! You're being so lazy! How can anyone stand you?!" The three of them shouted out loud as they saw how Sylvie admitted to her doings without any sense of guilt.

"That table over there! Please be quiet, you are disturbing the customers of this coffee shop." The waitress reprimanded them.

"Sorry! We will keep our voices down." Ms. Aria apologized for the students.

"Alright then." The waitress said as she went back to doing her own stuff.

"Why are you kids so loud? Don't you know how to keep it down?" Ms. Aria started to scold them.

"S-sorry teacher…" The three of them apologized.

"What are you not going to apologize as well?" The four of them looked at Sylvie.

"Apologize for what? Am I the one that raised my voice and caused disturbance? No, I thought so. What is there to apologize f- OW OW OW OW I'M SOWWY I APOWOGWIZE!" Sylvie cried out as Ms. Aria started to pull on her ear.

"Much better, apology accepted." Ms. Aria said.

"Anyway, back to what you all came here for. It's to talk about investigating Ariana's family right?" Ms. Aria asked them.

"Yes." The four of them replied.

"Do you even know where she lives?"

"No." The three of them replied excluding one person.

"Yes." Sylvie said.

"How do you know?" They all asked her.

"I stalked her once?" Sylvie said as she tilted her head.

"... You what?" They asked her again.

"I stalked her." Sylvie said.

"That makes it even easier, lead the way. We'll think of the plans on the way there." Ms. Aria said of a plan which was unbefitting of a teacher.


Author : Maybe I can start doing this ←- chat thing once summer hits again hehe.

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