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115 Something Fishy


"Alright class, make sure you take this homework sheet and turn it in by tomorrow. These will count as your grade towards the end of the semester. If you happen to fail a class you will be forced to take summer school, and might even have to retake the year." Ms. Trista said as she handed out a piece of paper to everybody in the class.

"Alright Ms. Trista." The class said as they took their homework sheet and stuffed it into a bag before they walked to their next class.

"Say this is our first time getting homework isn't it?" Sylvie said as she looked at Elise.

"Yeah, it is." Elise said as she had just realized. It took them a few days until they actually got homework surprisingly.

"Now that I think about it, Ariana had to read a book for homework because she wasn't paying attention in class a few days ago. I guess she has it tough." Sylvie said as she thought about Ariana.

"You're right, I wonder if she still has the forced smile today." Elise said as they both walked towards their physical education class.

"We'll find out I guess?" Sylvie said as she went outside the academy to the back to join her class.

"Goodmorning Sylvie, Elise. Hurry up and come over here so we can start class today." Mr. Bergoni said as he beckoned for the two girls to hurry up as they were taking their sweet time to walk over.

"Don't rush me Mr. Bergoni." Sylvie said as she started to walk slower intentionally.

"Oh come on Sylvie, you do this every day to me. Just walk normally alright?" Mr. Bergoni pleaded.

"Fine." Sylvie said as she just walked over to the class.

"Look at her and Mr. Bergoni again. She's so young and small yet even the teacher is afraid of her. I wonder who she is, or what she did to make him so scared of her." The students of her class started to gossip about her again.

"Stop gossiping! If I hear any of you gossip one more time I'll make you run two laps around the field!" Mr. Bergoni yelled as he looked at his students.

"Yes sir!" The class immediately zipped their mouths shut as they looked at him nervously as to not let a single peep come out of their mouth.

"Elise, do you see Ariana? I don't see her anywhere." Sylvie said as she scanned the entire field.

"I don't see her either." Elise said as she looked around as she would usually find Ariana really quickly due to her uniqueness.

"That's strange." Sylvie said.

"Has anybody seen Ariana today?" Ariana's Physical Education teacher asked around.

"I haven't seen her at all today." The students all said as they looked around to see if they could find her.

"I guess I'll mark her off as absent then." Ariana's teacher said.

"She isn't here today? That's odd. Why do I smell something fishy here?" Sylvie muttered.

"I don't smell anything fishy. What do you mean?" Elise asked her.

"It was a metaphor alright? A figure of speech." Sylvie said.


Author : sorry so late, I just got home and am typing this at 12 AM x_x