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110 School“s Cafeteria 1

"Sylvie it's time for you to wake up!" Ms. Aria said as she tugged Sylvie to wake up.

"Just a few more minutes…" Sylvie mumbled as she was still engrossed into her sleep.

"What do you mean a few more minutes! Any longer and we might even be late to the academy!" Ms. Aria said as she shook Sylvie even harder this time.

"Nooo. I don't wanna get up yet. A few more minutesss." Sylvie said as she buried her head into the pillow even more.

"How does Maurice even handle you! I am starting to regret keeping you at my house now! Maybe you should go back to hers from now on." Ms. Aria said with a sigh.

Hearing this, Sylvie immediately got out of bed and prepared herself.

"Don't make me go back to her please! I am getting ready right now! Just don't take me back there!" Sylvie cried out as she was putting on her school uniform.

'That worked more than I expected. I guess I know what I can use to blackmail her from now on.' Ms. Aria thought as she looked at Sylvie with a blank expression.

"Fine, I won't take you back to Maurice. Make sure you behave though! Otherwise I won't give you anymore chances before I take you and throw you in her house making you live with her for the rest of the school year." Ms. Aria threatened Sylvie.

"Yes yes! I have learned my mistakes! Please don't do that!" Sylvie cried out as she finished putting on her thigh high socks.

"Alright, let's go. You can have the cafeteria breakfast when we get there." Ms. Aria said as she dragged Sylvie to the carriage.

"Yes…" Sylvie said.

'I wonder if their food even tastes good. School food always taste bad from what I recall from my previous life. The school doesn't even even serve edible food to be honest.' Sylvie thought to herself as she recalled her past life.

"Here we are Sylvie, let's get breakfast now before class starts." Ms. Aria said as she held Sylvie's hand and dragged her towards the cafeteria.

"Hello Aria, who's this? What a cute girl, is she your daughter?" The cafeteria lady teased Aria.

"Surely not, do we even look the same? She is merely a student of mine that I am currently taking care of in place of her parents." Ms. Aria said as she waved her hand indicating for the usual to the cafeteria lady.

"Alright, and what would this little princess want for breakfast?" The cafeteria lady asked as she looked at Sylvie.

"Em… Anything that is light is okay." Sylvie said as she didn't want to get a lot of food that could potentially be awful and have to throw it all away.

"Alright, here you two go. Have a nice breakfast and day." The cafeteria lady said as she grabbed two plates and put food on them before handing the plates to Sylvie and Ms. Aria.


Author : I somehow got pink eye on my right eye. It hurts to open and blink it. Am I going to die soon? Random stuff is happening to me.