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Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
Author :Plutia_Sagiri
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100 Ariana“s Crisis 2

Next day at school.

"Good morning Ariana. How are you today?" Sylvie asked Ariana the moment she walked into school.

"I am okay…" Ariana said in a depressed tone as she walked passed Sylvie.

"Ariana?" Sylvie called out to no avail as Ariana just continued walking to her own classroom.

"I wonder what's gotten into her? Oh well, maybe I'll learn it another time once she gets over it." Sylvie said as she skipped onwards to her first class.

"Good morning Sylvie. It seems like you're all better today? You won't be sleeping in class again now will you?" Ms. Trista greeted Sylvie when she came in the room.

"Yes, I am all better today~ I got all the sleep I needed! I can't guarantee that I'll be able to not sleep in your class though Ms. Trista…" Sylvie said as she scratched her cheeks while being embarrassed.

"W-what do you mean by that…" Ms. Trista said as her eyebrows twitched when she heard that Sylvie would potentially sleep in her class.

"I mean who knows? Sleeping urges kick in sometimes right..?" Sylvie said with a smile on her face as she looked at Ms. Trista.

"Yes… Sleeping urges kick in sometimes… Just go to your seat, I am done with godlike students who have no common sense." Ms. Trista muttered as she shoo'd Sylvie away with her hand.

"Yes yes~ I am going to my seat now hehe~" Sylvie said as she giggled like she had accomplished a prank before she sat down on her seat as she waited for class to start.

"Alright class, sit down~ It's time for class to start~" Ms. Trista said as she started to read stuff from the textbook again as she explained magic.

"Say Elise, have you seen how odd Ariana was acting today?" Sylvie asked Elise.

"Hm? Un, I saw her when she was walking in the hallways. She looked really depressed. What do you think could've possibly happened? She's usually always so energetic or fiesty." Elise replied to Sylvie as she was also confused on Ariana's behavior today.

"Un, do you want to ask her after school today?" Sylvie asked Elise.

"I don't know, what if it causes some problems within us and her? What if she doesn't want to tell us?" Elise replied to Sylvie with a unclear answer.

"Un… That's really problematic. If only we could find what is happening to her so we could help her. I don't like the depressed her. Even though we literally only know eachother for three days." Sylvie said as she recalled Ariana's depressed tone just earlier in the hallways.

"Yeah, I'll ask Maria and Lance about it later during physical education class." Elise said.

"Alright, what about Sam?" Sylvie asked as he was the only one excluded.

"He'll probably make everything worst for us. And you know it." Elise said as she looked at Sylvie.

"Oh, you're right. He is the type of person to make everything that's easy became difficult after all." Sylvie said as she realized how dumb Sam was.

"That's exactly right. So make sure you don't mention anything that's happening to Ariana to him. Otherwise, I don't think any of us can deal with the consequences after…" Elise said to Sylvie.

"Unn." Sylvie said and was about to reply but she was cut off before that.

"Sylvie dear, what's the answer to this question?" Ms. Trista called out on Sylvie when she saw how the two of them were just talking to each other completely ignoring her lecture.

'How could you two ignore my lectures! Why are you two cute and young girls who one expects to be very respectful and responsible doing the complete opposite?! Why are you two talking to each other without even whispering!?! You aren't even hiding the fact that you're talking when I'm teaching as if I never existed!' Ms. Trista thought to herself as she became gloomy.

"Em, so the question is Why is chanting necessary? Ms. Trista?" Sylvie asked Ms. Trista just to confirm.

"Correct, now may you please answer the question my little sweetheart?" Ms. Trista asked her with a very sweet tone but was glaring at her.

"Alright, chanting is necessary because people find it hard to cast spells without chanting. When one chants they are able to visualize the magic even better, thus this sets the boundaries between no chants and chant magic. Is that sufficient enough Ms. Trista?" Sylvie said as she beamed a smile towards Ms. Trista who was starting to get angry at the mischevious way Sylvie acted.

"Yes you are correct. Humph, please pay attention though. You're disturbing the class by talking to each other very loudly. Please let your classmates have peace so they can pay attention to the lecture." Ms. Trista said as she scolded Sylvie.

"Yes ma'am. Sorry~" Sylvie said as she stuck out her tongue really cutely at Ms. Trista. This caused Ms. Trista to get even more angry but had nothing to do but hold her anger in.

'We really don't wanna listen to you teach either teacher… You're literally only reading stuff off the book for us. We want to use magic and learn it through action… Not through you reading a book…' The entire class thought to themselves.

'Whatever those two girls were talking about is probably more interesting than this right now… I swear, why'd you have to stop them Ms. Trista.' The entire class added in their head.


"Ariana are you okay? Why do you seem so odd today?" Sam asked Ariana who was sitting across from him.

"I am okay, do I seem odd to you?" Ariana said as she looked at Sam.

"Un, you seem very depressed today. Is there someone bullying you? I can get them back for you if you want." Sam said as he tried to flex his muscles, but all that showed was his fat.

"Pfft, haha. It's alright, nothing's happening." Ariana laughed a bit when she saw how Sam really wanted to try to show his muscles but failed.

"Humph! Don't laugh!" Sam said with a red face.


Author : Chapter 2 done!! I am so tired!!! Kill me!!!! REEE!!!!


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