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Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
Author :Plutia_Sagiri
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99 Ariana“s Crisis 1

"... Looks like Ms. Aria took Sylvie this time… Are they just alternating between who takes care of her now or something?" Ariana muttered to herself as she hopped onto her carriage once more.

"Seems like I can't talk to her today either… Maybe I can tomorrow? I mean we do have many years until we graduate school anyway." Ariana said to herself.

"Ha~ Oh well, I'll just try tomorrow. I wonder what story that was though, it was really good. Just that first part makes me want to read more." Ariana said as she recalled the story Ms. Aria was reading to her and the other students.

"But, to be able to sleep through all of that. Plus getting carried as Ms. Aria runs is insane. How tired does one have to be to be in such a deep sleep? Either that or she's a heavy sleeper, which could be the case due to how young she is." Ariana muttered as she looked at the civilians walking on the streets out her carriage's window.

"Looks like everyone is happy here. Hopefully nothing goes wrong in the future." Ariana said as a big smile plastered on her face as she watched kids play with each other on the streets.

"We're back home miss." The carriage driver said as he helped Ariana down the carriage.

"Alright, thanks. Is mother home?" Ariana asked a nearby maid.

"Yes she is, she is in your room waiting for you young miss." The maid said as she bowed at Ariana.

"Alright, thanks." Ariana said before she walked into her room to meet her mother.

However, her mother had a pretty dark expression on her face, one that Ariana had not seen before.

"What's wrong mother?" Ariana could not help but implore what was going on with her mother even though she had an ill foreboding

"Look at this Ariana." Ariana's mother said as she handed Ariana a piece of paper.

"What is it that could anger you mother…" Ariana said as she grabbed the piece of paper while trembling. As Ariana read the paper she despaired.

"The Ragestride family wants me to marry their oldest son? Isn't he the one that picks girls off the streets and force himself upon them?" Ariana said with a pale face as she read the letter.

"Indeed… And the family is pressuring your father and us. We have no way to avoid this marriage proposal… We really don't know what to do. All of our allies have left so they wouldn't get involved within the conflicts. What allies they are, abandoning us when we're in need of help." Ariana's mother could help but scorn the traitors.

"What can we do then mother?" Ariana asked as she was afraid.

"I don't know either. I also don't know if any of your friends are able to help seeing how even our allies had escaped. It's tough going against a high ranking family, thus allowing them to do whatever they want." Ariana's mother said as she held her head.

"They might, my friends seem like they are also high ranking families…" Ariana said as she thought of Sylvie, Maria, Elise, Lance, and Sam.

"Try asking them tomorrow at school. Otherwise it would be too late. If they say no, you should find a place to run and hide." Ariana's mother said as she looked at her daughter.

"But! If I run and hide it can't be in this country! Otherwise they'll find me and force me to marry him! What should I do?!" Ariana started to cry.

"I'm thinking about it Ariana. But I really can't think of anything else…" Ariana's mother said as she hugged the crying Ariana.

"Why is this happening to me?" Ariana cried out.

"Father do you think they'll accept the marriage proposal?" The Ragestride's oldest son asked his father.

"Of course, who in the world wouldn't accept our marriage proposal? We're one of the highest ranking nobles after all!" His father said as he looked at his son.

"What if they don't though?" The Ragestride's oldest son asked again.

"Then we'll eliminate them and force them to submit to us. They are only middle class nobles anyway." His father replied nonchalantly as if he's done it multiple times.

"What if those families help their family though?" The Ragestride's oldest son continued asking.

"Stop asking questions you know won't happen. Why in the world would those families help a low family like theirs? The Martel Family is always neutral and only does research and help eliminate monsters but never helps man vs man. Excluding that one time when Claude Martel was being a knight for the king." His father said.

"Besides, the other family like Vanrina family only helps whenever. They're basically like the Martel family in a sense. The Masakatsu is a family that only goes to war for pride so they're basically neutral as well. The Christ family is a family of saints, they really don't have much battle power even though their reputation is high so they are no problem." His father continued.

"However, for the Hursh family they're a big problem. No one really knows what the family does. They have a lot of money but people say they do many dumb things. Even after I got my men to research about them, all they found was the young master of the Hursh family taking money and eating at many restaurants… I really don't think they will even help…" The old man said finally.

"Haha, that's great then! She'll be mine finally. We met a few years ago when she was young, yet she disregarded me as if I was not in her eyes. Now I will force her to open her eyes and put me in those eyes." The Ragestride's oldest son said as he bowed to his father before he left his room.

"Ha~ That is if they don't attack. All of those families are weird anyway. None of our spies were actually able to extract any good information on them." The old man said once his son left.


Author : First chapter for the day done~ Took me 5 hours of typing haha 0 IQ brain

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