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85 Plutia“s Sorrows

"Nyaa" A soft and cute voice came out of Plutia's voice when she had woken up.

When she woke up she of course, did not really wake up as she continued to stay in her bed. Trying to find the most comfortable spot she could be in as her body curled up with her hugging the blankets.

"Shiro, come on wake up. Don't stay in bed any longer. It is almost time for breakfast." Crystalia said as she stroked Plutia's little fluffy ears that were on top of her head.

"Nyoooo~ Fwuffi bed…" Plutia said as she held onto the blankets even tighter.

"Come on Shiro, be a good girl and wake up." Crystalia said once more as she continued to stroke Plutia's little fluffy ears.

"Nyoo. Can't escape tempation." Plutia said as she continued to sleep on the bed.

"Sigh, cat's sure are lazy beings. Always wanting to take naps and sleep. You do this every day to me my lovely Shiro." Crystalia said as she left the room and started to make breakfast for them all.

"Nnh…" Plutia's demeanor and act had finally changed the moment Crystalia walked out the door due to dreams.

Her only sense of protection was from Crystalia, who she earnestly treated as her mother was not with her and was in the kitchen.

If one were to see how she was acting currently, they would be scared witless. As one could not imagine how a young girl like her could be sweating so profusedly and was in so much fear that caused one's entire body to tremble.

Of course, they did not really know the young girl like her had suffered many grievances before. A goddess can also suffer, many people had denied this fact though.

They think the goddess is an omnipotent person all around. Always doing everything right, nothing could go wrong like the seven sins.

However, she also has feelings. Including the ones she had when she has traveled down into the world to find some fun. Making loved ones, but also losing them.

She has not gotten used to this, and she most likely never would. Being the optimistic and energetic girl she was, she could never get used to losing her loved ones, like many others.

She was currently dreaming about her past lover she had when she was under the alias named Lina Trou.

He was a man cladded in black as he had daggers on the sides of his pants. He was a pretty simple person, he either treats people nicely, or he kills them.

There was no inbetween as he did not spare people. However, this individual had saved Plutia in many occasions as she had not learned any close quarter combat skills and had solely relied on her magic like the goddess she was.

Plutia's eyes furrowed as tears came out of her tightly closed eyes that were shivering.

She remembered at the end, the man had taken the Evil God's stab in order to protect Plutia. Even though he knew he would not be able to resurrect once the Evil God had slain him with his sword.

Plutia who had hopes that she could possibly resurrect him with her godly powers after she had slain the Evil God and returned back to heaven was devastatedly heart broken when ever she could not resurrect him.

His soul was gone, and a body without a soul was basically a puppet without instructions. She had gone through various hard efforts just to find what could've happened to him. Yet she had not been able to find his soul.

She remembered his last words he had said with a smile on his face as a blade was pierced into his stomach. He had looked at Plutia face to face, so close that they would kiss if it had been even a centimeter closer.

Feeling his breath on her lips should've made her embarrassed, however it made the opposite. She started to cry as she was able to see that he was having a guaranteed death from the signs of his berathing.

"W-why?" Plutia asked him weakly as she shivered as tears dripped down her eyes.

"Because, you're the only one I ever loved. I would rather I die instead of you, now that our party is disbanded and even Neru is dead. It is my time to die, only you can keep the world in peace." He said as he gave Plutia the biggest smile he could ever make as blood dripped out of his mouth through the smile.

"What are you talking about! I will die soon anyway!" Plutia cried out as the man she had loved had completely changed the future she had been waiting for.

As he was supposed to be the protagonist of that time and not her, he was the one that should've been the last alive killing the Evil God after she was dead and back in heaven so she could watch him from afar until he died.

"Don't be like that Lina. I have complete faith in you. Have a happy life, don't forget about me alright?" He said before closing his eyes as the sword that had pierced him retracted from his body making his blood spray onto a dazed Plutia.

"Hahaha! You're the only one left! What can a mere girl like you who doesn't even know how to fight physically do to me?!" The Evil God bellowed as he watched the girl in tears and fear as she hugged the dead body of her beloved.

"Now then, die with them both!" The Evil God said as he brought down his blade upon Plutia.

"Die." Plutia said with no emotions behind them as the Evil God was suddenly forced into a halt as his entire body felt like it was being crushed.

Being unable to speak, the Evil God suffered the most excruciating pain he had ever felt, as his entire body was being broken. He was forced to take all of that pain before he was no more in the world.

That day was a happy day for the people. However, it was a bad day for the entire party, and most importantly for Plutia. No one had known who the man Plutia had loved was, as he was always hidden and did not reveal himself to the public.

And he, was also the cause of Plutia's reason of mischief for some love.


Sylvie : Why'd you type such a sad chapter today?

Author : Because I am sad and tired.

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