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"Alright, have a nice day everybody. The inn will be closed now, please go into your rooms and sleep now everybody." Chase said as he sighed before closing the inn's door and switching the open sign to closed.

"Alright, see you later mama Chase." The drunkard man said as he left the inn in a drunk state with the help of a few of his friends that he drank with to help him home.

"Don't call me that! Am I a mama to you! You should be the mama instead!" Chase got angry as he shouted at the drunkard man.

"Alright, bye mama Chase." The drunkard man said as he disappeared off into the distance.

"Sigh… Those two devilish people… Both people I love are becoming the end of me." Chase muttered to himself.

"And that's what makes it better. Well, I have work tomorrow so I shall go sleep now. Goodbye mama Chase." The auntie that hugged Plutia said as she walked up the flight of stairs.

"Not even you too! Take that back! You are definitely the mother not me!" Chase shouted at her as he watched her disappear up the flight of stairs.

"Why is even she teasing me! Everyday it's like this! They won't stop teasing me! What are they jealous!?" Chase said to himself as he cleaned all the entire place down before going into his room where Kias, Plutia, and Crystalia were in.

"Good work today Chase." Crystalia said as she was just putting down the foods onto plates while Plutia was helping out by putting down the utensils onto the table.

"You too Crystalia." Chase said with a wryly smile as he scratched his cheeks.

"You're helping out again Shiro, here come give papa a hug." Chase said as he outstretched his arms waiting for Plutia to give him a hug.

"Alright mama Chase. Hug~" Plutia said as she hugged Chase making and clearly emphasizing the word mama.

"I will give you a punishment if you call me mama one more time Shiro. Now be a good girl and call me papa." Chase said as he no longer wanted to be teased and could only resort to methods like these.

"No! You can't do this to me!" Plutia screamed as she immediately wanted to escape from Chase's hug but found she was already being held onto tightly.

"Let go of me!" Plutia shouted as she squirmed trying to get out of his hug but to no avail only to be met with him making her face him eye to eye.

"Call me papa." Chase said as he looked at Plutia.

"Mama help me!!!" Plutia said as she looked at Crystalia pleading for help.

"For once my cute little Shiro, I think you should actually call him papa for once. Otherwise if some calamity should happen to fall onto Chase I think he would die out of grievances from you not calling him papa once." Crystalia said as she looked at Plutia.

"Mama you traitor!" Plutia said as she cried out big droplets of tears.

"Come on my sweet and cute innocent little girl. Call me papa, it's been so many years yet you have not called me it once. You even call Kias uncle! What have I done to suffer all these grievances?!" Chase cried out.

"I don't want too!" Plutia argued with him.

"Why don't you want to!" Chase cried out.

"I don't know! My mouth is saying don't say it!" Plutia replied.

"Don't listen to your mouth! Who's more important, your body part or me, your papa?!" Chase asked Plutia baiting her.

"My body part of course, not papa… Wait a second. NOO HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME YOU BAKA!" Plutia answered but realized that she had called Chase papa as she did not want to use the term you to refer to him as it would be disrespectful.

"Hehe, you may go eat now sweetie." Chase smirked as he carried Plutia to a chair and plopped her down onto the chair before sitting at his own chair.

"Hic… Wuu wuu! Mama!!!" Plutia broke into tears as she dove into Crystalia's chest and hugged her as she cried.

"There there, don't cry. You finally called him papa, this is an accomplishment. Don't cry now, it's time for us to eat and then sleep." Crystalia said as she soothed the now crying Plutia.

"Though, it isn't nice to call your papa an idiot. You should go apologize to him Shiro." Crystalia said as she did not want to let Plutia get into a habit of insulting people.

"Non! I will not apologize to him! He tricked me! I don't like him anymore!" Plutia spoke in grievances as she pointed her finger at Chase who was eating a bowl of rice with his chopsticks.

Of course, Chase did not care as he was in his own world. Being called papa by Plutia for the first time had put him on cloud nine. Though, due to his behavior and weird facial expressions, even the S-Ranked adventurer Kias had to scoot away from him just in case he would be contaminated.

"Yes. Don't apologize to him or call him papa ever again now that I think about it." Crystalia said as she looked at Chase and decided to make Plutia sit on the other side of the table opposite from Chase.

However, Chase did not seem to notice all these things happening around him as he kept fantasizing while eating his meal.

"Yes mama…" Plutia said as she began to eat her meal softly. After finishing did she and Crystalia go take a warm bath before brushing their teeth. After that they finally went to sleep together, meanwhile Kias decided to sleep outside the rooms on a couch as he could not deal with Chase.

"I will get him later tomorrow when he wakes up." Kias muttered to himself as he struggled to sleep under the uncomfortableness of the couch. However, after a while he ended up sleeping due to his body saying so.


Kias : Why do I suffer grievances now?

Author : All male shall suffer grievances.

Chase : There is no way I did that

Author : you did

Chase : There is no way!

Author : If I say you did, you did.


Author : So is people saying if I suspect you, you're it.


Author : Some people do.