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Aiming to be the Best Magician in the World!
Author :Plutia_Sagiri
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83 Plutia Reappears!

"Haa!" A young girl shouted as she brought down the blade she was holding onto a goblin.

"BGHUUUUU!" The goblin gave a shrill cry before it died.

"Finally!" She shouted as she pulled the blade out of the goblin's body.

However, suddenly another cry came from behind her.

"Huu!" The goblin screamed as it brought down it's wooden club onto the back of the little girl.

However, without turning back she swiftly switched her grip on her blade into a reversed grip letting the goblin jump into the blade piercing it.

"Not bad, you've improved a lot with these years of trainings haven't you?" A adult male's voice came in from behind her.

"Mhm, I have." The young girl said as she wiped off the blood from her blade before putting it into it's sheathe again.

"You might become stronger than me at this rate. You improve too quickly." The adult male said as he walked next to her.

"I don't improve quick enough." The young girl said as she looked at her small tender hands which did not have a single callus on it even after using the sword for a few years.

"What do you mean you don't improve quick enough you darn monster." The adult male said as a vein buldged on his forehead but he kept his anger from bursting out as she softly patted the girl's head.

"Mm~" The young girl closed her eyes as she enjoyed the headpats she received as two small fluffy triangle ears suddenly emerged from the top of her head.

"Your ears and tails are showing again by the way." The adult male told the young girl.

"Mmm, I know. No one is here anyway." The young girl said as she continued to wag her tail enjoying all the headpats she was receiving.

"How are you so sure about that?" The adult male asked.

"Magic." The young girl said.

"Why are you so monstrous at magic even without someone teaching you? Sigh, these legendary creatures nowadays." The adult male sighed as he looked at the cute little girl who was receiving his headpats.

Yes, these two are Kias and Plutia. They are currently doing some adventuring as they sharpen their skills as Chase and Crystalia continue to work back at town.

"Let's head back to town now, otherwise Crystalia will get mad. You don't want her to get angry now do you?" Kias said as she stopped patting Plutia.

"Nyon! We must go back asap!" Plutia said as her complexion paled and instantly started to run back to town at a unbeliavable speed one would think a child of her age could go at.

"Make sure you don't expose your ears and tails Shiro!" Kias shouted as he chased after the really energetic little girl.

"I will! Don't worry!" Plutia shouted back as she hid her ears and tails.

After several minutes of running did Plutia and Kias finally enter back into the inn that Chase owned.

"Good evening Shiro, how was the adventuring today?" A middle aged auntie asked Plutia when she and Kias had entered the inn.

"It was okay auntie~!" Plutia said happily as she let the middle aged auntie hug her and pat her.

"That's a good girl for you." The middle aged auntie said as she patted Plutia's head.

If anyone was able to see Plutia's hidden tails and ears, they would for sure be wagging to death.

"Welcome home Shiro." Chase said from behind the counter.

"Hello Chase!" Plutia said as she waved at him while being hugged by the middle aged auntie.

"I am your father Shiro… Call me papa…" Chase said as he looked at her.

"Chase." Plutia said.

"Papa." Chase repeated.

"Chase." Plutia repeated once more.

"Papa." Chase repeated once more.

"Mama huggu~" Shiro said the moment she saw Crystalia enter the inn.

"Ara? Hello sweetie, looks like you're safe and back." Crystalia said as she received the embrace of her daughter and hugged her back before carrying her.

"Welcome back Crystalia." Chase said in a depressed tone.

"Hi Chase. Why are you so depressed again?" Crystalia asked him.

"Our cute daughter still hasn't called me papa once in these past few years…" Chase said.

"I don't think you need to be called papa at all, all she has to do is call me mama. That's enough for the both of us~" Crystalia said as she teased him.

"That's not enough at all! Why does she call you mama but not me?!" Chase said.

"Sweetie, did you hear what he said? Why don't you call him that?" Crystalia said as a devilish smirk appeared on her face as she looked at Chase.

"What are you smirking for?" Chase said with goosebumps suddenly appearing on his arms.

"Mama Chase." Plutia said as she picked up on what Crystalia meant.


After what Plutia had said, for some apparent reason Chase's eyeballs suddenly rolled to the back of his head as he fell down unconscious with foam bubbling out his mouth.

"Em, what's happening to mama Chase?" Plutia asked everyone in the inn.

"Looks like mama Chase couldn't handle your cuteness, right guys?" A drunk male said as he drank his beer.

"Right boss! No one can handle Shiro's cuteness after all!" The people in the inn all shouted out at once.

After hearing what everybody in the inn had said, suddenly a see through blueish-white color resembling a soul suddenly flew out of Chase's mouth as it ascended into heaven.

"Look! Mama Chase couldn't handle it and is now ascending into heaven. Looks like he'll have the best time of his life up there!" The man said once more as he chugged down his beer.

"Hahaha!" Everybody in the inn laughed as they joked around and about.

"Alright have a nice day everyone. Let's go Kias." Crystalia said as she carried Plutia into their room before making dinner for the four of them.

"Alright, thanks as always Crystalia." Kias said as he played with Plutia while Crystalia was making dinner.

"Why am I a mama… What did I do wrong…" Chase mumbled as his soul slowly collapsed.



Sylvie : woa after 9000000000 years later

Author : Wait, how are you in this chap, who wrote this chap

Plutia : you obviously?

Author : no?

Plutia : Who else?

Author : Must've been the goddess

Plutia : …



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