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82 Ariana“s Goal

"Hmm, I can't wait for the school dorms to be available. Being an only child is so boring ah~" Ariana sighed inside her own carriage as she was being driven home.

"Young lady, looks like there is something going up ahead." The carriage driver said as he noticed two carriages on the road not moving and blocking the road.

"What's going on up ahead?" Ariana said as she looked out and in front of the carriage.

"What's this stench? It smells so awful!" Ariana said when she sniffed a very bad stench causing her forehead to scrunch up as she held her nose.

"Young lady, it seems there was a beast attack on the two carriages here. They probably all evacuated and left the carriage here with the horses as bait." The carriage driver said as he pointed to footprints that lead into the forest.

"Let's go and help them out then." Ariana said as she looked at the carriage driver.

"No can do miss, I have to take priority over your safety. Not people we don't know." The carriage driver said as he continued to drive around the two carriages parked in the middle of the road.

"But, the people are in trouble! We must save them!" Ariana shouted at the carriage driver.

"We don't know how far and how long they have been chased for. I am not going to take the chances of getting you in danger young miss." The carriage driver said as he bolted towards Ariana's house incase they got in some accident themselves.

"I order you to stop! Turn back right now! We must go save them!" Ariana shouted at the carriage driver as she struggled to get up from her seat due to the speed the carriage driver was driving at.

"Sorry young miss! Hold tight and do not bite your tongue! I am not turning back! Even if it means punishment when we get back! I can not put you into harms way!" The carriage driver said as he increased the speed of the horses driving the carriage.

"Stop it! I command you to stop right now! Stop!!!" Ariana cried out as she was unable to stop the force that was pulling her onto her seat making her unable to get up.

However, even after trying to order her own servant, he did not listen. He pretended as if he did not hear anything and kept on driving her back home.

"STOPPPPP!" Ariana cried out to no avail.

"Do you know the crimes you have done!" Ariana said as tears were flowing down her eyes while she was looking at the carriage driver.

"Yes, I know the crimes I have done young miss. This old servant is willing to take any punishments you want to give." The carriage driver said as he prostrated himself before Ariana without any fear in his eyes.

"Why did you not stop when I ordered you to! Why did you leave those people that were being chased by the beasts?!" Ariana shouted at the carriage driver as tears continued to streak down her cheeks.

"This is for your safety and well-being young miss. I am only here to protect you, not to put you in danger." The carriage driver said.

"Even if it's for my safety! Why! Why can't you protect others instead!" Ariana cried out loudly as she slowly collapsed onto her knees.

"Sorry young miss, however this old servant can only protect you and not others." The carriage driver said as he hugged the crying Ariana and tried to soothe her.

"Ariana I heard everything, at times like that safety is priority. You didn't know what type of beasts it was, you didn't know how many. You also did not know if the people had already died thus causing you to chase them to be to no avail." A mature women's voice came in from near the door.

"But mother! What can I do! Without trying I am just worthless!" Ariana cried.

"You are not worthless, even if you are not able to save those people. You still have the chance to save more. No one is able to save everybody in the world. It is impossible, even the goddess had stated so according to The Bible." Ariana's mother said as she slowly walked over and hugged Ariana.

"But without power how am I supposed to save people?" Ariana asked her mother.

"You're still in school, you can find friends to help you do that. Remember you are never alone." Ariana's mother said as she brought her into her own room and laid her down on the bed.

"But, what friends can I even find to help me?" Ariana asked.

"Tons of friends. People are of very many different mindsets. There are many that hide their true feelings and emotions. They may look like someone that would never help another out, but they probably would." Ariana's mother said.

"Besides, how was your first day of school?" Ariana's mother suddenly asked Ariana.

"Not that good, but also very good at the same time." Ariana said as she remembered the two different things that had happened.

"Oh? How is that so?" Ariana's mother asked.

"Well, during physical education class two boys got in a fight. The boy would've died because I did not have sufficient power to heal him, however thanks to one of the top 10 students that were listed in the entrance exams he was able to heal." Ariana said.

"Oh? So what's the very good part of school?" Ariana's mother asked.

"There was this really cute girl. I am not sure if she's a student, or just a spectator. Our knowledge teacher proclaimed her as her niece. However, Ms. Maurice brought her home with her. So I really don't know. But she really is cute. Too cute to even be human honestly." Ariana said as she smiled when she remembered the cute little girl who looked so cute when she tried to struggle out of the teacher's clutches.

"Is that so? Make sure you introduce me to her then next time." Ariana's mother giggled a little before she left to go do her work.

"Alright mother." Ariana said before she took a nap.



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