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79 Getting To Know The Female Healer

Ring Ring

The school bell rang once more causing all the students to stop whatever they were doing as they transferred to the next class they had.

"There we go, he should be okay now. Just let him have a day's worth of rest and he'll be all set for tomorrow." Maria said as she finished patching up the injured male student.

"Alright, thank's Maria. You five can go on to class now." Ms. Maurice said as she looked at Sylvie, Elise, Maria, Lance, and the Female Healer.

"Alright, see you Sylvie." Maria said with a depressed expression on her face as she waved her goodbye before going to her knowledge teacher who was different from Sylvie's.

"Goodbye Sylvie." Elise said as she followed Maria who was in the same knowledge class as Maria was.

"Alright, goodbye Sylvie and you two." Lance said before heading to a knowledge teacher that was the complete opposite of the three.

"Um, teacher can you please let go of me. I really need to go to class now." Sylvie said as she struggled to get out of Ms. Maurice's clutch onto her.

"No, who's your knowledge teacher? I will personally deliver you to her class because you may ditch again." Ms. Maurice said with a smile on her face.

"I-I have Ms. Aria… Please let me go now, I won't ditch…" Sylvie said weakly as she did not want to be carried to a class by a teacher.

"No can do, let's go now. I shall take you to her." Ms. Maurice said as she started walking off to Ms. Aria's class.

'Oh, this little girl is also in my class? Why is she so cute and strange at the same time? She's acting so spoiled… That's what makes it even cuter though.' The female healer thought to herself as she followed the two to Ms. Aria's class.


Ms. Maurice opened the sliding door walking into the classroom with Sylvie in her arms who's expression was dyed red followed up with another female beauty who entered the classroom.

"Oh Maurice, what are you doing here?" Ms. Aria said as she looked up at who had entered the classroom not expecting to see a fellow co-worker.

"Hello Aria, I am here just to deliver a student. I was afraid she might ditch your class like she did for Bergoni's so I brought her here for you." Ms. Maurice said with a smile on her face as she extended Sylvie toward's Maria and indicated for her to hold onto Sylvie instead of just casually placing her on the ground where she could run away instantly.

"Gotcha, thanks Maurice. I don't want a student ditching after all, that would be pretty devestating to my teachings." Ms. Aria said as she gladly received Sylvie and pulled her into her own arms before sitting back down on her desk.

"I assume you're Ariana Sephare then since you two are the last ones and I already know this girl here." Ms. Aria said as she patted Sylvie on the head.

"Yes teacher Aria. My name is Ariana Sephare." Ariana said as she nodded her head to Ms. Aria.

"Alright, please take a empty seat so I can start this class. All of you find a seat as well." Ms. Aria said as she looked at the student's still standing around and conversing with one another because they were already friends from their own circles.

"Alright teacher." The student's said as they sat down in an empty desk.

"Um teacher, can you let go of me so I can take a seat as well?" Sylvie asked Ms. Aria as she did not want to be on the spotlight of all the students who were trying to look at Ms. Aria for teachings but their eyes kept tracing down towards Sylvie who was in her arms.

"You don't need to take a seat, I am afraid with your knowledge you should be teaching us instead. I am just holding you here just incase you ditch the class like for Mr. Bergoni's because you were bored or something." Ms. Aria said as she stood up with Sylvie in her arms before teaching.

"Um teacher, who is she?" A student raised his hands as he pointed at Sylvie.

"Hmm? She's my niece, she is just here to watch me teach today. Don't pay much attention to her." Ms. Aria lied to the kid instantly.

"Eh? But I am not your ni-" Sylvie said when she realized what Ms. Aria had said.

"Shush child, do you want me to tell your mother that you were ditching class?" Ms. Aria whispered into Sylvie's ear that no one else could hear.

"Yes ma'am…" Sylvie said weakly and softly.

"Alright, let's begin class everyone." Ms. Aria said before she placed Sylvie who no longer had any strength to resist when she was threatened using her mother and just sat there soullessly as she looked at the floor.

'What's up with her? Why does she look so dead? What did her aunt aka teacher Aria say to her?' Ariana thought to herself as she did not like the soulless look the cute loli was giving.

'I really want to go comfort her right now… But, I can't otherwise I will interrupt class.' Ariana thought to herself as her heart was aching in pain, but she also did not want to ruin everyone's learning at the same time.

Thus she could only watch a loli who looked like she had given up on life.

Eventually, the class had ended as it was just Ms. Aria going over the world's history which had caused almost half of the class to sleep including Ariana who had already learned most of it at home.

"Are you okay niece of Ms. Aria?" Ariana asked Sylvie as she had completely fallen for Ms. Aria's lie.

"I am okay." Sylvie replied as she slowly got out of the teacher's seat before walking out the classroom with Ariana slowly following her from behind just to keep an eye on her.

"Alright Sylvie! You ready to go home with me!?" Ms. Maurice's voice suddenly came from behind the two.

"Hii! No I don't want to!" Sylvie suddenly shrieked as she started to run away but was a bit too slow due to her being soulless from before and unprepared thus leading her to being caught by Ms. Maurice who she could've easily outran.

'Eh? I thought she was the niece of Ms. Aria though?' Ariana thought to herself as she saw Sylvie get carried away by Ms. Maurice into a carriage before they set off.

'Whatever I'll ask her tomorrow.' Ariana thought as she got on her own carriage and headed home.


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