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78 Academy“s Founding Headmaster

"What do you mean a blade has no eyes! You clearly intentionally stabbed him through the chest!" The female healer retorted as she looked at the male narcissist with disdain clearly showing on her face.

"Is that so? Then how would you like for me to compensate? Some gold? Some treasure? Just name it." The male narcissist said as he shrugged his shoulders.

"You! How can any of that compensate a life! Are you even human anymore!?" The female healer got angry at his response thus started yelling at him.

"Ahh~ You're so noisy. I wish you would shut up. And I am human, what else could I possibly be?" The male narcissist said as he waved his hand before walking away as if he had done nothing wrong.

"I shall leave now." He said as he disappeared off into the distance before reentering the school again.

"That bast*rd! Who does he think he is trying to kill a fellow student and walking away like he would never get in trouble!" The female healer said as she grinded her teeth.

"He probably wouldn't get in trouble. His parent's would probably protect him anyway." A male student said to her.

"Huh? Why is that so!? He clearly deserves to be in trouble, what are his parents to be able to get away with nearly killing a student!?" She asked the male student angrily.

"Well, he's part of the duke family called Pierlot you see. With their power and authority many would give leeway to them nonetheless. His name is Jean-Baptiste Pierlot by the way. I recommend for you to not get involved with him." The male student said before he turned to leave.

"Isn't the school's authority more powerful than the king himself though?!" The female healer said.

"It used to be." Mr. Bergoni and Ms. Maurice both said as they appeared in front of the injured male student.

"What do you mean it used to be teacher Bergoni and teacher Maurice?" The female healer asked as she looked up at the both of them.

"It was strong enough to rival the entire kingdom we have at one point. However, that was only during the founding headmaster's time." Mr. Bergoni replied as he worked at the academy for a very long time to learn the back stories.

"Why was it only strong during the founding headmaster's time?" A student asked Mr. Bergoni.

"That was because he was the only one that could cooperate with the fairies causing the academies fame to go up. And also because he was a legendary sage as well as a SS ranked adventurer." Mr. Bergoni said.

"Our headmaster was that famous and strong? No wonder the academy could rival the kingdom in terms of strength alone. However, which legendary sage was he? According to the legends there were total 5 ranked SS adventurers. And excluding the two known SS ranked adventurers that died as a mage were Lina Trou and Melissa Neru who had died fighting an evil god." A student said causing everyones attentions to garner towards him.

"Wait, that means he was Dylan? The commoner who rose and created fame with his powers? He was the weakest among the 5 SS ranked adventurers right?" Another student said as he recalled all the SS ranked adventurers names and their professions.

"That's correct, our founding headmaster's name was Dylan. And he was the weakest among all the SS Ranked adventurers." Mr. Bergoni said as he nodded his head.

"If he was the weakest, how did the academy still gain it's power over the kingdom when there are four other SS ranked adventurers excluding him?" Another student asked.

"That's because the SS Ranked adventurers never worked with anyone. They all either established something on their own, or they traveled. Just like Melissa and Lina who both created the Adventurers guild causing many lives to be saved." Mr. Bergoni said.

"There are also those two other SS Ranked adventurers whom we no longer have any information about as they did not establish anything and roamed the world. However, due to people not seeing them in so long they are either in somewhere closed, or they are dead now." Mr. Bergoni continued.

"Why did they not fight one another though?" Another student asked Mr. Bergoni.

"That's because they all were friends. They all met eachother during travels and fought through life and death situations together. With many betrayals between one another they finally became best friends." Mr. Bergoni said.

"Wait, how were they still friends after betrayal?" A student asked Mr. Bergoni as she found it was strange.

"Pfft, I don't know. Go ask them yourself. How would I know what the SS ranked adventurers thought as they are literally divine beings nowadays and half of them are dead." Mr. Bergoni said.

"Strong people sure are weird after all…" Many of the students said at once as they looked at Mr. Bergoni who was strong but weird at the same time.

"Why are you kids looking at me? Back to class." Mr. Bergoni said as he looked at all the students.

"What about him though? He's gonna die at any moment now." The female healer spoke up as she looked at the injured male student she was constantly healing.

"Sylvie can you heal him?" Mr. Bergoni said as he looked at Sylvie who was being carried in Ms. Maurice's arms.

"Yeah, there's kind of a problem right now." Sylvie said as she looked at the arms that were wrapped around her and had lifted her up from the ground.

"Maria, go heal her." Sylvie said as she looked at Maria.

"That's no way to ask someone now is it Sylvie?" Maria teased Sylvie a bit.

"M-Maria… I am in a pinch, please go heal him alright?" Sylvie said softly as her face and ears started to redden up.

"Sorry what was that? Can you speak up a little louder?" Maria asked Sylvie once more with a devilish grin on her face.

"C-can you go please heal him?" Sylvie said with her entire complex flushing in red as she lowered her head and buried herself into Ms. Maurice's chest so she could hide her embarrassed face.

"Pfft, what are you getting so embarrassed for! You're only asking for something." Maria laughed as she went over to heal the student.

"Hmph!" Sylvie said before burying her head more into Ms. Maurice's chest.


Author : big woa


Maria : But it's funny!

Sylvie : It's not funny!

Maria : It totally is! You should look at your own reaction!

Sylvie : No it's not!

Maria : Elise you think its funny right?

Elise : I think it's okay.

Maria : How about you Lance

Lance : I think it's cute.


Author : hahaha