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77 School Fight 2

"L-let's talk about this guys… We are all friends here r-right?" Sylvie said as visible sweat started dripping down her forehead from the three murderous glares being sent towards her.

"R-right?" Sylvie said one more time just to confirm.

"That's right. We are all friends here, yet this one right here decided to ditch class hm? Are you trying to avoid us 'friends' of yours?" Maria said in a stern voice as she glared at Sylvie.

"N-no… M-Maria, come on you know what I meant… I just wanted to take a nap. I was not trying to avoid you guys or anything! I promise!" Sylvie said truthfully while still being frightened.

"I don't believe you. You should come up with a better excuse. You were trying to avoid us all along weren't you?" Maria said as she looked away from Sylvie as if she would not talk to her again.

"No! Maria I swear! I was not trying to avoid you guys! I really just wanted some sleep!" Sylvie cried out as she did not want to lose a friend off the bat.

"Hmph! Don't speak anymore. We're through! Don't even look at me, I don't want to see you ever again!" Maria said as she turned her back towards Sylvie as she feigned her disdain towards Sylvie.

"No!! Maria, don't do this to me! I really didn't want to avoid you guys!" Sylvie started to tear up a bit at this time.

Lance and Elise who were watching these two having drama suddenly stopped being angry at Sylvie who had decided to ditch class instead of meeting them.

"Is she an idiot? I don't recall her being this stupid." Elise asked Lance who was watching the two dumbfoundedly.

"I don't think she is. I am pretty sure her fright overrides her thought process. Her mind is probably blank right now." Lance said as that was the most logical answer he could think of.

And of course, the most logical answer he could think of was correct. As Sylvie who was afraid of Maria leaving her was wracking up her brain trying to think of something to get Maria back, which was literally making her lose all her brain cells until there were none left.

"awawawawawa" Sylvie tried to voice out reasons however due to her mind being blank she was unable to process any words through her mouth making everything sound like she was just scared.

"Psh. Hahahaha! Stop taking it so serious Sylvie. It was just a joke. Stop crying already." Maria finally stopped feigning her anger as she turned around and started laughing at the Sylvie who was crying.

"Hic. Eh?" Sylvie stared at Maria blankly as tears were silently rolling down her cheeks.

"Come on, stop crying. I won't leave you, what are you crying for." Maria said as she used the cuff of her sleeves to wipe off Sylvie's tears that were rolling down her cheeks.

"You four are really loud you know. I can't hear what those two are saying down there." Ms. Maurice's voice suddenly rang in.

As if she never existed, everyone had completely forgotten about her due to how silent and still she was as she watched the fight.

"Oh right, the fight. I completely forgot about that. We were up here to watch the fight, Sylvie caused a big distraction that I completely forgot about it." Elise said as she looked back at the field where flames were constantly being launched at one another as more students started to flee instead of watching from a close distance.

"You're not bad! Let this noble one tell you his name!" The narcissist male continued spouting some bull crap that no one wanted to hear.

"I don't want to know your name! Take this! Fire Javelin!" The male student said as he created a javelin using fire magic before launching it at the narcissist male.

"I'll counter that in a flashy manner! Water Lance!" The narcissist male said as he generated a lance shaped physical object from water magic.


As both magic collided they were nullified to nothing, as water and fire are never a mix and will cancel eachother out if they are the same.

"Not bad! Your power is on the same scale as mine!" The narcissist male said as he continued generating more magic until he ran out of MP.

'Not even close! Are you dumb? Water is fire's counter! It only canceled out because you were only weaker by a little bit so that my fire didn't evaporate your water!' The male student thought to himself as he was preparing for the onslaught he would receive.

"Take this!" The male narcissist said finally before releasing his barrage of spells consuming all of his MP.

"Haaa!" The male student gave one last shout as he wasted all his MP defending from all the attacks.

"Look's like you've run out of mp! Too bad there is one more spell!" The male narcissist student said until the male student was stabbed from behind by a water spear before he coughed up blood and fainted.

"Someone get a healer!" A student suddenly shouted as a majority of the students ran over to the male student who was stabbed by a water spear and was laid unconscious having a bloody pool surround him.

"I got it!" A female voice rang in as she pushed to the front of the crowd before healing the student.

This was the very same female healer who had healed the male student that Elise had accidentally beaten up.

"This is bad! He has multiple internal injuries! I can't heal him on my own! We need a professional doctor or a teacher to heal him!" The female healer said as she was really conscious of her ability to heal and had confirmed that she did not have the ability to do so.

"How could you so something so cruel!" The female healer asked the narcissist male as she constantly gave the male student heals so he could stay alive for a bit longer.

"It was a fight. Blades have no eyes." The male narcissist said before laughing and leaving under the hateful eyes of many students.


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Female Healer : I Know something you can think of. You can think about me for dialo-


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